You May Be an Empath If…

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If you get up in the morning and you sit there for 10 minutes wondering where you are and what your name is… you may be an empath.

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Empathic Abilities

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Though an Empath may find many pitfalls to being sensitive, there is a great power in the gift when fully understood and harnessed. Being able to ‘read’ others is the basis of psychic ability. If you can sense how someone feels, then soon you will be able to receive more messages from their energy body.

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You are Psychic!

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Everyone is psychic, on some level. Most people have an occasional dream that comes true, a vision, a ‘gut feeling’ that helps them make the right decision. If you wonder how to become psychic, first realize you already possess the ingredients. Next, use a few easy tools to develop those natural psychic abilities into a controllable and useful gift.

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Past Life Regression

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Once we become aware of what has happened in our past and heal from it, it can change who we are, and that goes for past lives as well. The difference is, knowing what your issues are is already putting you on the road to heal, but not even being aware of an issue makes it impossible for you to do something about it.

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