Indigo and Crystal Children

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Though you may consider yourself an Indigo or Crystal child, you are truly a remarkable manifestation of Divine energy entering an exciting time for earth.

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Close Encounters

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During or shortly after dreaming, you may be experiencing interactions with other entities on other dimensional planes, both those there with good and malice intent. This causes a paralyzing effect, as their energy is very different than yours and will create a rift in the electrical field between you. You might wake up and sense […]

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Lucid Dreaming

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Have you ever awoken to a dream so vivid you believed it actually happened? Or perhaps were tormented by reoccurring or disturbing dreams? Have you woken up in your room and felt the presence of something in the room, paralyzing you with fear, not able to move? These are common dreams and dream-state occurrences. Though […]

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What type of Psychic are you?

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There are several types of Psychics, or ways of the Divine communicating to and through you. If you are sensitive to the metaphysical (beyond the physical), then one or several of these terms below may apply to you. To discover what expresses itself most through you can help you to grow that gift and recognize your true nature. The more attention you give this part of you the stronger the ability will become, and the more control you will have over it.

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Oracle vs. Psychic

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Though there are many types of Psychics in the world (Medium, Healer, Intuitive, Channel, etc), there is one that is often overlooked: the Oracle. An Oracle is a person who channels often without knowing they are channeling. They tell you what you need to know, help you how the Divine believes you need help, all […]

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Psychic Vampires

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Vampires have been eagerly written about, sought after mythical creatures throughout history. They have been portrayed as both beautiful and magical, as well as demonic and savage beasts. The truth is, vampires are real, but not in the way they have been portrayed. The idea of a vampire is a being who sucks your life […]

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Past Life Regression

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We all live, struggle, make choices and find new ways to solve problems, but we have done this for many, many lifetimes. You may be born with an unexplained terror of water because you died drowning in your former life. You may have been a very sad or angry child because in your last life […]

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Every day psychic encounters

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Today I was visiting with my eldest daughter for lunch at her school. Her friend also had his family there for lunch at the other end of the table. I felt an earnest nature among them but didn’t think much of it. Then my daughter informed me that her friend’s mother had passed away last […]

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The Psychic Way Book

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I am thrilled to announce the publishing of my new book The Psychic Way: A Psychic Development Workbook! It is now available on as a kindle eBook, or you can order a paperback copy! The Psychic Way is a practical tool to help you develop your natural psychic ability. Discover easy and effective exercises, […]

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