“Ingrid has wonderful ability and is a great teacher.” -Amiliya, San Diego, CA

“Ingrid is an open vessel and has a great deal of love and wisdom to share.” —Rise’, San Diego

“My experience with Ingrid was of the utmost integrity in her channeled messages and she delivered peaceful guidance that was for my highest and best good. I like hiring her at regular intervals so that I can keep my life balanced and serene in the mist of turmoil! I feel blessed to have her in my life.”-Mary P., Houston TX

“Ingrid is a great teacher and inspiration.” -Melissa C.

“You will be happy to know that everything you’ve told me has been pretty accurate.” -Carlos G., Houston TX

“Hi Ingrid! I just wanted to let you know that you are amazing! I enjoy all the classes at your house and always feel so welcome and loved when I am there. I have been watching your shows on utube and doing a lot of your meditations and they are helping me a great deal. I just wanted to thank you for all you are doing!” – Leah M., San Diego, CA

“Thank you Ingrid. You help a lot of people by doing what you do.” -Maureen A.

“Ingrid is absolutely wonderful.” -Heather C.

“Thank you so much Ms. Ingrid, you have been such a blessing.” -Elizabeth R.

“Hi Ingrid! I just wanted to let you know that you are amazing! I enjoy all the classes at your house and always feel so welcome and loved when I am there. I have been watching your shows on utube and doing a lot of your meditations and they are helping me a great deal. I just wanted to thank you for all you are doing!” -Lea, San Diego

“Thank You Ingrid, for taking your time to help us with our unfoldment. I am very happy of the pace and the open environment you provide for our spiritual growth, you are a blessing to to everyone in your group!” -Bruce

“Ingrid is such a wonderful team leader. The group is made up of very nice, approachable, and insightful people. My husband and I had such a good time. Attending this event strengthened my desire to grow spiritually.” -Maureen A. on Houston Psychic Circle’s weekly Psychic Development group

“Ingrid is just awesome. Very patient. Very understanding.” -Leah W.

“Attended Ingrid’s Angel workshop and loved it. Was a mess upon arrival and by the time I left was in a wonderful state of mind. Loved the people and energy.” -Danette

“Nearly three months after being diagnosed with cancer and taking Ingrid’s healing workshops, the recent doctor’s tests showed the cancer had actually shrunk so small I no longer need surgery.  Ingrid’s energy healing works. ” -Nannette

“Thank you again for your contribution to our lives, to awakening and to transformation. You are a blessing.” -Cathy

“Thank you, Ingrid, for sharing your wonderful gift with us. ” -Becky

“Ingrid does a beautiful job of teaching us how we heal and manifest. She shows how simple our lives can be when we open our mind and heart to what the universe gifts us. She is a gift to us from the universe, also. Thank you, Ingrid.” -Marta

“I am always comfortable Ingrid knows her stuff.” -Patty

“Because you learn something new almost every time. Ingrid is amazing and such a giving person.” -Kim

“You should join the group to experience the wonderful teachings and energy of Ingrid, and to enhance your LightWorker skills!” -Kennette

“… your abilities are mind blowing. I am glad you are doing these meetings. You are not threatened by other people’s abilities – in fact you encourage them. That in itself is very unusual. You seem to be the one who opens the third eye. More is to come for you!” -Cynthia Krieger (www.propheticflow.com)

“Upon first meeting Ingrid, I didn’t know what to expect, especially since I’d been to people who did readings but cared more about money than people.  I was drawn, feeling a certain brightness to her I’d never felt that was kind, caring and loving.  Not only was my reading most accurate, she also helped me with issues and problems that needed to be dealt with.  She changed my life in such a positive way, I’ve recommended her to friends, family, coworkers, and aquaintances.  One doesn’t easily find a spiritual guide that’s honest and trustworthy, but one day I was lucky and found Ingrid.” -Patricia P.

“Thanks so much for doing the “Opening the Third Eye” meeting. Like last time it was very amazing and love the energy! With the Third Eye, I was able to see my future and the path I’m taking. I can’t wait to be doing more with you. Thank again for your wonderful meeting. You have a great gift!” -Lettie T.


“Dear Seeker,

I’m writing this testimonial with hope that it guides those who are ready to move forward in their lives to to take positive action and work with Ingrid. I’m a healer and reader who had reached a plateau in my practice. Most of my time was spent on others and I was feeling that something was missing in my personal spiritual development.  I was also in a very trying life situation, that was just the pressure I needed to reach up and out for help.  If you are experiencing pain or trouble, perhaps it is time to see this as the gift it is, a sign that it’s time to change, grow, and create something new.

Through Ingrid’s website I found her YouTube videos and gave one a try. It was an amazing energy and psychic experience. Being generally cautious about accepting teaching or energy from others, I performed a tarot reading on the outcome of studying with Ingrid.  The tarot showed me The World, which, to a Tarot reader is pretty much exactly what I was looking for. This was also the first time I had received such a positive outcome in my own spiritual readings. I was ready to begin. I committed to study with Ingrid for a few months.

Through our time together, I’ve experienced first hand that Ingrid is a spiritual Master, who never tells you what to do, she instead guides you through practical exercises which help you develop your own insights and spiritual gifts. In addition to sharing these very effective methods, her energy is of a very clear and high frequency that allows you to connect to a new level. Ingrid also displays the peace and wisdom one would expect of a spiritually advanced teacher. She is generous, kind, ethical, compassionate, and sometimes downright funny.

My journey with Ingrid is just beginning.  I now think of myself as an artist, an athlete, an architect, and a creator.  Just like any other successful professional, learning, growing, practicing, and advancing is key to my personal and professional success. As I invest in my own development, I help others at a deeper and more profound level than ever before.

Finally, a little advice.  Please take a moment to try one or two of her videos, and see what happens for yourself. There is no substitute for personal experience. I choose experience over belief because once we experience an aspect of spirit within ourselves, there is no longer any need for a belief about spirit.  Be your own spiritual scientist.  Try these exercises, evaluate what you learn, test it over time, and the result will be new knowledge and faith, derived from your direct experience of yourself and the Universe. This is the solid foundation upon which we build a meaningful life of service to others. A life of healing, integration, and connection. You are the only one who can do this.  And it’s very, very beneficial to have a guide and teacher like Ingrid, to help light the way.

It’s up to you. What do you want to create today?  What kind of world do you want?  It is all possible. Start now.


John G.”