Empathic Abilities

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In order to fully embrace and utilize the empathic gift, here are some simple steps that can be taken to reach a balance.

  • Focus your energy inward
  • Surround yourself with light or a bubble of energy
  • Channel loving energy to others from the Source
  • Meditate daily, especially with guided or movement meditations
  • Journal your feelings every day, both joyful and challenging
  • Focus on your goals and what brings you the most joy in your life
  • Practice stepping back out of your body when conflict arises and just observe

Though an Empath may find many pitfalls to being sensitive, there is a great power in the gift when fully understood and harnessed. Being able to ‘read’ others is the basis of psychic ability. If you can sense how someone feels, then soon you will be able to receive more messages from their energy body.

The energy body gives off the imprint of major life events, such as the birth of a child, a career or even a pending car accident. You can read when a person may be in danger or what their potential success may be. Everyone has free will and though you may see many events, the path they choose to take will determine which events come to pass. Your assistance can help to lead them on a path of joy, love and ultimately a successful life if you guide them with positive insight. If you influence them by relaying negative visions, it will quickly align them with that event. They have the power to choose, and so does the Empath.

Though Empaths may naturally make good counselors, they rarely choose the obvious profession consciously because they become too involved in their clients, often suffering physical and emotional stress. Once non-attachment is reached and the empathic gifts are fully developed, counseling will naturally be a part of their career path.

Because Empaths have extremely strong energy bodies, which can spread out into a room attracting attention easily, they may find it hard to make more friends than enemies. Many people see their reflection in the mirror the Empath holds up and become frightened. But the Empath may use this for their benefit. Putting out loving energy consciously can make the difference with their relationships and interactions. They can easily influence people, so it is important to be open and bring joy to a room. With natural and quick manifestation ability, all of this will easily attract joy and abundance into the life of an Empath. The only challenge is choosing what you want in your life!

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