Pendulum Chakra Clearing

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A pendulum is a crystal or stone at the end of a chain or tie, less than an ounce in weight, with a point at the end of the stone. This unique device can give you answers to important questions in your life, including what areas of your life are blocked or need improvement. Once you discover what needs to be healed, you may begin energy work to clear out and add new energy into the chakra points.

Chakra diagnosis using a pendulum:

  • First, hold the pendulum still over the palm of your hand. Out loud or in your mind, announce what motion will give you a ‘yes’ and ‘no’ answer while swinging the pendulum in the motion. (For example: If you wish a ‘yes’ answer to motion side to side, simply say that while swinging the pendulum gently from side to side.)
  • Have your client lay on a massage/Reiki table. You may cover them with a blanket and use pillows to make them more comfortable.
  • Start by closing your eyes and taking deep breaths, centering yourself to connect with the Source. Now hold the pendulum still over the client’s crown chakra. Begin by asking, “Does this chakra need clearing?” Allow a few moments for the pendulum to begin its motion to answer your question. (If it does not give you a clear answer, simply hold it still and ask your question again.)
  • Move down the body to each chakra, giving time to receive a clear answer.
  • Once your diagnosis is complete, you may write down your findings so they are readily accessible, for both your healing work and for your client to take with them.

Note: It is best to keep your diagnosis to yourself until the end of the session when you can sit and talk about it with your client. You will also be able to reveal any other sensations or thoughts either of you experienced during the diagnosis.

Chakra energy healing using a pendulum:

  • Stand over your client, legs slightly apart, placing your hands on their second and third chakras. Close your eyes and connect with their soul body, grounding and centering yourself.
  • Now use the pendulum, holding it over the first chakra that needs clearing, starting at the head.
  • In your mind, imagine energy coming down from the client’s Higher Self or the Source, coming through your pendulum and into their chakra. Breathe deeply and allow the healing to take place. The pendulum may begin to wiggle in a strange manner as the clearing takes place. Hold the space until the pendulum has completely stopped moving.
  • Move to the next chakra for clearing. Repeat until the blocked chakras are cleared.
  • Finally, put the pendulum down and brush the energy downward in a sweeping motion with your hands just above their body, starting at the client’s head down to the feet. Do three sweeps (or more if you feel compelled). This will help ground them and bring their spirit body in alignment with their physical body. It is also a great way to let them know the session is over.
  • Thank the Source, pendulum, and your client for their participation in the healing process!

Be sure to sit down with your client again to see what feedback they have for you or questions about the healing. You may also give them any insight you received. Enjoy the beauty of healing!

Other uses for your pendulum:

You may answer questions for yourself or others with the use of your pendulum. It can give you yes or no answers, or simply move to an answer on a piece of paper you create yourself.

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