The Way of the Empath

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Are you an Empath?

An Empath is defined by being able to sense or feel the feelings and state of being of others. Often times the Empath is also Intuitive and will pick up pictures, words or phrases as well coming from another person or group. It can be overwhelming until it is recognized and properly focused. Empaths can have a very hard life growing up. Often mistaken for highly emotional or disturbed, when in fact they are extremely sensitive emotionally and spiritually, with feelings often not even their own.

If the following applies to you, you are definitely an Empath. If you have doubt about any one of them, you are most likely not. The truth will be clear to you.

  • You are often very emotional for no reason, especially in a group of people, unaware of the cause. Easily overwhelmed in crowds and busy places.
  • Being alone helps you to recoup your energy and recharge after being around a lot people.
  • Strangers tend to tell you everything about their lives, ailments and problems.
  • You can often physically or emotionally feel the pain or disability of others.
  • You experience an overwhelming emotional response to seeing someone suffer, in person, TV or movies. You simply cannot pass someone injured without stopping to help them, and can’t understand why others aren’t the same way.
  • You always know what someone means. You sense or feel not just hear and truly understand the meaning of things. This makes it easy for you to tell if someone is lying or being false as well.
  • You have the ability to heal yourself and often others. You have a natural ability which helps to transmute the pain of others, and a reason strangers are drawn to you to offer their problems. Your ability allows you to usually keep in physical health if you are able to move the energy through you efficiently.

Recently published in Houston’s Natural Awakenings Magazine August 2010

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