Empathic Rules

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1) Service. The most important thing to know as an Empath is your life purpose is that of service. As soon as you give into that idea your life will fall beautifully into place. If you are an Empath who struggles with life and people and situations on a daily basis, you are trying to maintain some kind of control.

2) Surrender. Know first that control is an illusion. If something is right, it will happen naturally. If you feel the need to control it, you are trying to make something happen based on an intellectual idea and therefore you are struggling to create an outcome that is not in line with the Universe. Once you give in to being of service to others, to the world, to the Universal flow – and of course, yourself – you create a bridge that will cross all obstacles, because you are simply meant to cross it.

3) Connection. Being of service is all about sending energy (from the Source through you), sending love (opening your heart), being compassionate and most of all, leading your angelic and spirit team guide you in every aspect of your life. They give you signs, they whisper ideas that you think are your own. Once you pay attention to this, you will find the messages come faster, the voices louder and the source perfectly clear.

4) Ethics. With the Empathic ability comes clear sight, the ability to see, feel and hear things that are not apparent. A psychic, medium, channel or intuitive are usually empathic, with some exception. When you develop your gift enough to give a reading to another, be sure you are giving information in their highest good. For example, instead of relaying a picture of a car accident, tell them they need to drive safely and focus on what they are doing in their daily lives. When someone is receiving information from an intuitive, they are very vulnerable and will subconsciously take in what is said and begin creating it in their reality. If you focus on helpful information, they will be successful on their path. Be sure to give them plenty of time to talk. If someone is attracting to an Empath for counsel, it is because they feel you are empathizing with them and will want to express their feelings more than anything else. Listen and be compassionate. Sometimes that is all that is needed.

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