Soul Emergence

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When you allow your mind to be still and your heart to open wide, your True Form or Soul will emerge, giving you an out-of-body experience. You may feel physically cold but your face warm, your presence will be absent but your awareness may stay in the chair, your reality may begin to shift and change around you and you may think it is all in your mind. It is. Your mind is creating imagery that you can understand in the moment. When you practice soul emergence over a period of time, these images will begin to change, to grow as you grow. Soon you will stretch the perception you had originally and your eyes will open to the inter-dimensional consciousness that exists around you. You will be able to see as your Soul does, for it will have emerged from your body allowing you to grasp all that is beyond the dense third dimension.

How to do Soul Emergence:

  • Sit in a comfortable position. Close your eyes and begin to breathe deeply. Focus on a deep inhale through the nose and an extra long exhale through the mouth after a pause.
  • Bring your awareness to the very center of your body. Focus on your third chakra within the core of you, above the naval.
  • See this yellow light spinning and turning, growing slowly larger and larger within you. Feel the warm yellow light become brighter and vaster.
  • Imagine the light growing out, pushing through your skin and growing out around your body.
  • Feel now the yellow vortex pulling your energy body into it, expanding your soul into the center and outward, suctioning your consciousness through and out around your body.
  • Feel your awareness on the outside of you now, pulling your eyes out – looking in. See your body below you now as you wrap your awareness out into your aura.
  • Continue to flow through the bright yellow light, feeding your awareness into the space that exists beyond your being.
  • Feel the yellow light settle into a steady, warm energy now, holding your consciousness in peaceful harmony in the room, looking back at yourself and around you. Feel the patterns of silver threads of the energy matrix around you in this moment. Allow your soul to breathe in the energy and merge into the connection of all things.
  • Breathe deeply. Be present.
  • After your journey, slowly come back through deep breaths, wiggling your fingers and toes to ground back into your divine body. Remember to repeat this exercise daily for best results.

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