Fallen Angels

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The term Fallen Angel has been around for a long time, though there has been a great misconception around the idea. In a dialogue with my angelic source and through working with a great many fallen angels in my work, I would like to bring them to light.

A fallen angel is an angel working steadily in the angelic realm until at some moment, chooses to ‘fall’ from grace and live among the mortal humans. This choice is made out of curiosity, a need to grow and expand, to travel to the unknown dimension of duality. After working behind the scenes for so long, an angel may want to be in the spotlight, to know what it is like to experience what they have only watched with great interest.

Though the angel may have the best intention when he arrives in the body of a human baby, he is jolted by the reality of the human existence before too long. Often times the angel will take on a difficult lifetime if he feels brave, asking for an abusive or challenging household. Though he is here to learn, he is also still from the angelic realm, and therefore here as a gift to the world as a natural healer, intuitive and empath.

At first angels strive to find their footing in a human existence. It may take several lifetimes to master their own abilities and use them to help humanity. Until they reach that self understanding, they tend to go on a rocky road of discovery. They are usually easy to spot in this stage, often adorned with tattoos, piercings, an appearance that stands out. They are different and certainly don’t fit in. Until they discover why, it can be a very challenging for them.

Understand that time seems linear in the third dimension. Where an angel may leave his realm and experience 20 lifetimes, he may return in what can be perceived as no time passing at all.  Just as living in a foreign country for a year may change you, the angels seek to grow and bring their new perceptions back to better the understanding of all angels.

Though ‘fallen’ may be perceived as being banished by the bible and other sources, the true nature is the Universal law of free will. Angels have a choice, and we are lucky enough to walk among some of the most beautiful beings in existence. You may be one, or someone you know. Feel blessed and enjoy what they have to teach us!

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