Letting Go of Identity

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Letting go of your identity (or the attachment to your identity) is a crucial part of being a psychic. Your new identity: Service to the greater good. We are all vessels, here to manifest spirit on earth and create a new era. In this new age, there will be world peace, or at least world compromise, advanced technology and a new wave of global spirituality. We are in the make-shift phase of a spiritual revolution and the dawning is the most exciting part. As we gather and awaken each other, our work begins to unfold. Be open, be ready—let the Universe guide you!

Daily Exercise:

  • Surrender: Let someone else make the decision. Follow their lead.
  • Servitude: Ask a stranger if you can help them. Follow through.
  • Submission: Follow your feeling, not your head. What does your instinct tell you to do?
  • Humility: Don’t be afraid to look foolish. Roll up your sleeves and get dirty. Plant a garden for a neighbor.

As you do these exercises on a daily basis, you will begin to see a change in your life. At first subtle, but soon you may not recognize what once was. You will begin to connect with all things, the greater good, the Source. Your will will be that of the Universe and your soul will feel complete. Imagine feeling love every day in every day. Imagine seeing everyone you meet as a piece of you. Love them, and you will love yourself profoundly.

What will you do this week to exercise your surrender?








And most importantly, be open to opportunities to come to you. Once you break the dam, the flood will begin. Allow it to wash over you, through you. It will be a baptism. You are ready to awaken within!

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