Psychic Balance

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Being an intuitive has its rewards, but it can also be very challenging. Some people are born sensitive and are vulnerable at an early age to the emotions of others, spirits, their own visions. It is important to be in control of your gift and use it properly to enjoy a balanced, fruitful life. It is truly a gift, so be present with it!

Balance Techniques

  • When you wake in the morning and before you fall asleep, imagine a bubble around your being. Inside the bubble make it clear that only that which is there for your highest good may be present within the bubble, all elseā€”out! You may imagine filling the bubble with light, color, love, joy, anything you wish.
  • Before you begin a session reading for someone, imagine a beam of light coming through you (as well as the bubble if you wish). The light will come from your higher self, through your crown chakra, and down into the ground, anchoring itself. Take a moment to breath and feel grounded, while opening the door to your crown or third eye for information to be relayed.
  • When you are talking with someone, either for a reading or casually, and you begin to feel overwhelmed with emotion or drained energetically, take a moment to breathe. Check in with yourself and ask your Self to show you what the problem is. You may see the person draining you, and you in return allowing your energy to leak. Perhaps you are getting too involved and become vulnerable to feeling their emotions. Immediately surround yourself with the bubble and allow only those for your highest good to be with you there. And practice being present whenever you can, focusing on your breathing. This moment is the only one!

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