Past Life Regression

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As we all live, struggle, make choices and find new ways to solve problems, we have for many, many lifetimes. You may be born with an unexplained terror or water because you died drowning in your former life. You may have been a very sad or angry child because in your last life you lived and died in the holocaust. In our lives we have lessons we learn and sometimes that can take many lifetimes and many ways of presenting opportunities to learn those lessons. Once we become aware of what has happened in our past and heal from it, it can change who we are, and that goes for past lives as well. The difference is, knowing what your issues are is already putting you on the road to heal, but not even being aware of an issue makes it impossible for you to do something about it.

Past Life Regression is a powerful technique to revisit past lives and situations which cause trauma to our soul body, carrying over to this time. Once we visit and become aware, we can release the issue instantly and easily. If it is difficult to let go of immediately, at least you can face the problem and begin to work toward a resolution. You may find a past life is the cause of a rift in a current relationship. Going back to that initial cause can completely change the relationship you have now and heal both of you. It can also help to have better relationships in the future.

A regression is not hypnosis. It is simply a deep relaxation that allows you to tap into your energy body/subconscious. Your energy body stores all information from the beginning of your soul’s conception. You may tap into it simply by training yourself to through meditation, relaxation and the intent to. The more you practice, the easier it will become to step into a regression. It can be difficult at first for some, especially because there can be a resistance to going back to a painful time. Not only do we not want to experience a hurtful experience, but we may also not be ready to let ourselves heal. This is a very complex and deep subject, that our ego/emotional body may reject or block.

The most important thing in a regression is to be OPEN to what comes up and allow everything to play out easily and smoothly so you may begin to heal. You may need to go through several before you truly see your lives and experience real change. But if you let go of your need to control and let happen naturally, you may find the experience fulfilling.

Deep breathing is a practical and helpful technique before, during and after a past life regression. Allow yourself to relax completely and let your breath transmute old energy out of your body, allowing new energy to flood in. Practice deep breathing for 10 minutes every day until you become natural at it. This can make a huge difference in your life as well! Enjoy the process – it is a tool to create a better life.

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