Guided Meditation with Symbols

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Even the avid meditator may have trouble quieting the mind and focusing their thoughts on a mantra. In meditation it is important to remember there is no ‘wrong way’ to meditate, but when your mind begins to chatter about your day, your fears, future plans, you will need to lead it back to that focus and keep your mind clear in order to find peace and energize yourself. Guided Meditation is one way to meditate easily, especially if your mind is always active. It is an especially helpful tool for beginners.

In Guided Meditation, the facilitator, either in the room or on a CD, will gently lead you on a journey with their voice, giving your mind guidance in your meditation. You may be taken down a path where you will be asked to use your senses in your mind’s eye to feel like you are really there, and you may even gain insight about yourself or a problem you are trying to solve.

Symbols are a key element to Guided Meditation. They help us discover more about how our mind works. For example, if you come across a body of water in your vision, you will be asked to take note of its depth, color, clearness, width, even how you are compelled to interact with it. Later, you will discover the water was a symbol of your intimate relationships and how you see them. A vast lake would tell you that relationships are a very important to you and a big part of your life. If the water is dark, it may be hard for you to see people clearly and thus creating trouble in your relationships. If the water is shallow, you may be, too.

You may then use these insights to help improve your daily life. Perhaps you will put more focus on relationships and try to have a deeper relationship with someone you love. Or you may want to call up old friends or join a group and bring more people into your life. You can always change the way you live your life, but the key is to understand what the reality is.

Guided Meditation

Guided Meditation is a profound and helpful tool for self-discovery as well as a way to relax and create peace of mind. First, be sure you are in a room where you will not be disturbed for the duration of the meditation. This is important. Make a space for yourself and continue to use that space so your mind will know what it is going to do each time it’s there. This will be your ‘meditation corner’ or ‘sacred space.’ You will want to wear loose fitting clothes and sit in a comfortable position with, either on a pillow on the floor or on a chair.

The Forest Meditation

Breathing deeply, in through your nose and out through your mouth, you will continue to take deep breaths until you are feeling very relaxed.

Imagine yourself walking down a path through a forest. This forest is a safe, warm place. The weather is just right and you feel at home. You enjoy the breeze on your face and the beauty of the landscape.

Look down at your feet and scan up your body, what are you wearing? Are you holding anything? How do you feel in this moment? Who are you? Be present in this moment.

As you begin to walk, look around you. What does the path look and feel like? Are there many trees around you? Do you see or sense animals nearby? What else do you see or hear?

Soon you come to a stream. You stop to be refreshed by dipping your hands in and sipping from its purity. How does the stream flow? What details do you notice about it? You may take a moment to enjoy the stream.

As you begin to walk again, you come to the edge of the forest where an animal meets you. You greet the animal with your hand, touching it and uniting with it, for it is a long time friend. Who is this animal? Do they have a name? Ask. Does your animal have a message for you? A gift? Take a moment to enjoy being in the presence of this beautiful creature.

Now it is time to go. You say goodbye to the animal and walk back down the path. As you reach the starting point, you feel yourself back in your body, your bottom in your seat, your feet wiggling. Begin to breathe deeply again until you are able to feel present in the room again. And when you’re ready, open your eyes.

Be sure to enjoy this meditation again and again, if you wish. You may find some things change or seeing the same vision may bring you comfort. Enjoy.


The Path: The path represents your life. How wide it is shows how wide your perspective is. If it is narrow, you may be more narrow minded or have tunnel vision. But perhaps you are a very focused person and it serves you. If it has many rocks it shows you have a lot of challenges in your life, but if you have strong shoes on, it shows you are prepared to take on these challenges easily. If it is smooth, your life purpose is more about inspiring and teaching others and is very guided. What you are wearing and who you are here represents how you take on your life, as a warrior or as an observer or whatever you may feel your appearance means for you.

The Trees: The trees represent your network of family and friends. The closer they are to the path, the more involved they are in your life. If they are far away from the path, you tend to walk your own way, individual and self-sufficient.

The Stream: The stream represents your spiritual life. If it is wide, spirituality is a big part of your life. A narrow stream will mean you are more interested in the physical world and not as connected with your spiritual self. If the water is clear, you can see your inner self clearly, but murky water may mean you have a difficult time seeing your true emotional-spiritual self. The flow of the stream is important. If it is hindered by rocks, the connection to your Higher Self is somewhat blocked and it may be why you have many troubles in your life. A fast moving stream means you hear guidance from your Higher Self easily and this helps you make good decisions. Drinking from the water meant you are comfortable with who you are, but not choosing to partake means you may not fully accept and embrace your true nature.

The Animal: The animal is your animal totem, his characteristics represent your personality and your way of being in your life. Totems change over a lifetime, but this is significant for you now. Making a connection with your totem is a great way to understand your inner workings and will give you a way to connect with yourself on a deeper level.

The House: The house at the end of your path represents You. The outside is how you see yourself. Are you sturdy and beautiful? Are you weak and need fixing up? Awareness is the first step to making real positive changes in your life. Inside represents how you feel within yourself. If there is plenty of furniture and comfort inside, you are comfortable going within. If it is dark and cold, you may not spend enough time exploring your inner world.

You may choose to explore this meditation again and again. You will see changes over time. You may also choose to imagine a different house and visualize your way into a healthier, happier life. It works!

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