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Forget everything you know. Let go of desire, expectation and ego. Strip down to your Light Body and let the rest fall away with ease. Know you are all that you wish to be and there is nothing for you to do. You are perfect. In this moment you are free, at peace. Let loose and enjoy this moment – it is eternity. You know only compassion, love, joy and the pure connection with all that is. What will you do next?

Psychic Exchange Exercise

  • Face your partner. Ask them what they truly desire in life? Tell them to take a moment to reach deep within and be completely honest.
  • As they tell you, close your eyes and in your mind’s eye, ask their guides to give you helpful advice on how they can achieve their dreams. Listen carefully and relay any pictures, feelings, words or knowledge they give you. Be open.
  • Switch partners and repeat. Reach deep within you and be ready to be open and honest. If you can’t with them, how can you with the Universe?
  • Enjoy yourself and remember to breathe deeply as you retain the answers and feel the connection. This is just as important to experience as the information itself.

Write down what you experienced. Practice this exercise with a friend once a week or month to keep in touch with your true Self and align your hard work with what matters!

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