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Just as you must lift weights to a build muscular physique, you must exercise your psychic ability to become more clear. As we all wish there was a miracle cure for many things, there is no fast way to suddenly become ‘psychic.’ But we are all inclined to see the ‘other side’ or to channel just by taking the time to do it. Here is an exercise you may try at home. For best results, do it every day. You may also use objects or pictures.

A Psychic Exercise

  • Sit in a quiet space with a trusted friend or family member. Hold their hand or simply face them with your eyes closed. Do whatever feels most comfortable. Always trust your instinct.
  • Imagine your mind clearing like a blank page, taking long, deep breaths.
  • As soon as something pops in your mind, be it a picture, a word or phrase, or just a feeling—tell the person. If it doesn’t make sense at all, ask for clarification in your mind. Let the answer flow.
  • Relax. Whatever comes to you is important. These are messages from your friend’s guides or higher Self, so just relay them. Try to clarify in your mind first so the message will come across clearly. Don’t be afraid to just say it.
  • Get feedback. Though it’s important to channel the energy without expectation, it can be helpful in the beginning to ask for feedback to help build confidence. But try not to expect anything. If feedback is causing anxiety, don’t ask for it.

Enjoy the process. This is a way of connecting with another dimension and it can bring great joy. If you feel frustrated, take a break. Try again later. No one can run a marathon on their first run! But be assured—you’ll get there!

Homework: Read for one person this week. Throw yourself into it, expect nothing. Enjoy it!

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