Spirit Guides

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Spirit Guides are former friends and family in a spirit form (or helpful inter-dimensional beings) that have chosen to be with you for all or part of your lifetimes, guiding, helping and protecting you on your earthly journey. They are here to help!

As Spirit Guides help you on your life path, they also learn quite a bit themselves. They have chosen this task to learn through your experiences and share in your ups and downs so that they may also grow on their path. These beings have chosen you to be the star of the show while they wait in the wings. Just as someone on the stage could not perform without the help of the people doing props, lighting, directing and producing, so we can not do our job here on earth without their support. And just like those lighting people, they get little respect or acknowledgement, but they know that goes along with the job. In fact, not everyone likes to be front and center. So know that being here in human form you are already a bit of a drama queen or king and enjoy attention.

Spirit Guides also have something we don’t: complete access to our Higher Self, that knowing energy that recalls all things past, present and future, and feels the ultimate and joyful connection with the Universe. They are a bridge to that knowing and connecting with them will help us to obtain the answers we seek as we walk our path, including what our life purpose is and what steps we can take to have a loving and fulfilling life. Listen carefully, for they have much to say.

Connecting with your Guides: A Meditation

–         Sit in a comfortable position, back straight, shoulders relaxed.

–         Close your eyes and begin to breathe deeply. A five count breath in through your nose and ten count out through your mouth. Repeat five times until your body is completely relaxed and your mind is clear

–         Feel a warm liquid light enveloping you, colors and light surrounding every inch of your body, penetrating your pores, seeping into your skin, filling your body with a heavenly and loving liquid light.

–         As the warmth fills you and surrounds you, feel your body relaxing even deeper into an intense yet peaceful state. Your mind clear, your body loose, and your heart open to the love of the Universe.

–         Imagine beings surrounding you. These are your Spirit Guides and only your Spirit Guides. Say to yourself, “Present yourselves.” And allow their faces to become clear. Listen or ask for names, messages. Make the connection and allow them to bring you wisdom and joy.

–         You may ask questions. You may find one being more attractive than others, direct your attention to them. Ask them to connect with you. Ask them what you should know?

–         Take time to be with them, to feel their loving and generous presence around you. Thank them for being your support and let them know you want to maintain your connection. It shall be done.

–         As you finish, let them drift into a mist for now, and feel yourself back in your seat, your feet on the ground. Begin to breathe deep breaths and wiggle your fingers. Allow yourself to be aware of the room again and when you’re ready, open your eyes.

–         You have just successfully connected with your Spirit Guides! Be sure to repeat the meditation as needed and speak with them whenever you feel the urge. The more you do it, the more easily you will connect with them in your every day life. Their voices will be more obvious and your life will be enriched.

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