What type of Psychic are you?

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channelingThere are several types of Psychics, or ways of the Divine communicating to and through you. If you are sensitive to the metaphysical (beyond the physical), then one or several of these terms below may apply to you. To discover what expresses itself most through you can help you to grow that gift and recognize your true nature. The more attention you give this part of you the stronger the ability will become, and the more control you will have over it.

Empath: A sensitive person who can feel or sense the state of being of others. Through this ‘knowing’ they can also read events or situations around that person as well.

Psychic: The term psychic can refer to several types of receiving, but it is an umbrella label for those who are Intuitive and tend to have the ability to see the future (clairvoyance).

Healer: A person who is drawn to healing work and is extremely open to acting as a conduit for giving energy to others.

Medium: A person who is able to contact those who have passed over to the spirit world. A Medium may also easily connect with Angels, spirit guides and other entities available in other dimensions.

Channel: A person who acts as a conduit for a variety of reasons, such as healing, Mediumship, connecting with spirit guides and Angels, or empathic visions. The Channel tends to have the energy or entity come into their body or act/speak through them, like in Trance Channeling. It can also be a verb, as in channeling energy (bringing it down through you).

Oracle: A person who often channels energy or information through their being, saying and doing things for others without fully understanding why. They are natural guides, helping others in unconventional ways.

Intuitive: A person who is sensitive to people, places and circumstances, often getting a strong “gut” feeling or understanding without knowing why. It can be a vague or very clear vision or feeling that will come to an Intuitive person, often continuing until she does something to acknowledge it. This is the early stages of Psychic ability.

Root of Psychic behavior (most often for the natural Empath):

An Empath is defined by being able to sense or feel the feelings and state of being of others. Oftentimes an Empath is also an Intuitive and will pick up pictures, words or phrases as well coming from another person or group. It can be overwhelming until it is recognized and properly focused. Empaths can have a very hard life growing up. Often mistaken for highly emotional or disturbed, Empaths are in fact extremely sensitive emotional and spiritual people frequently experiencing feelings which are not their own.
If the following applies to you, you are definitely an Empath.

• You are often very emotional for no reason, especially in a group of people, unaware of the cause. Easily overwhelmed in crowds and busy places.
• Being alone helps you to recoup your energy and recharge after being around a lot people.
• Strangers tend to tell you everything about their lives, ailments and problems.
• You can often physically or emotionally feel the pain or disability of others.
• You experience an overwhelming emotional response to seeing someone suffer in person, on TV or in movies. You simply cannot pass someone injured without stopping to help them, and can’t understand why others aren’t the same way.
• You always know what someone means. You sense or feel, not just hear, and truly understand the meaning of things. This makes it easy for you to tell if someone is lying or being false as well.
• You have the ability to heal yourself and often others. You have a natural ability which helps to transmute the pain of others, and a reason strangers are drawn to you to offer their problems. Your ability allows you to usually keep in physical health if you are able to move the energy through you efficiently.

By design, the Empath possesses the ability to sense beyond their own being, which stems from three possible sources. These sources can be the root of any and all psychic behavior in a person:

1) A traumatic event as a child (one time or over a period of time).

2) Having been raised by emotionally unpredictable or abusive parents/caretakers.

3) Raised with a family member who needed care for an illness or chronic condition.

The fact that these root causes listed can make a person choose to leave their body for periods of time is an early use of astral travel. You may have explored the outer limits, other dimensions, or possibly just spent time in and around other people’s energy fields and not so much your own. The more this was done, the more “psychic” you become.

Exercises such as grounding, psychic protection and learning ways to grow your abilities can turn your life around. Learning how energy works can help you understand how to control yours and how you receive other people’s energy. Learning how to consciously astral travel can help you have more lucid experiences. But most importantly, knowing you have an amazing, beautiful gift in what may have seemed like a curse is the most empowering thing you will learn on your spiritual journey. And that you are not alone.

The next step is discovering what you are here to do. Knowing that you are actually here in this life for service to the earth and humankind may help you find joy like never before. The sensitive ones are here to give, not of themselves, but act as conduits of the Divine and share their knowledge and healing with everyone they meet.

1) Service. The most important thing to know as a psychic is that your life purpose is that of service. As soon as you give in to that idea your life will fall beautifully into place.

2) Surrender. Know first that control is an illusion. If something is right, it will happen naturally. If you feel the need to control it, you are trying to make something happen based on an intellectual idea and therefore you are struggling to create an outcome that is not in line with the Universe. Once you give in to being of service to others, to the world, to the Universal flow – and of course, to your Higher Self – you create a bridge that will cross all obstacles, because you are simply meant to cross them.

3) Connection. Being of service is all about sending energy (from the Source through you), sending love (opening your heart), being compassionate and, most of all, leading your angelic and spirit team guide you in every aspect of your life. They give you signs, they whisper ideas that you think are your own. Once you pay attention to this, you will find the messages come faster, the voices louder and the source perfectly clear. And you will understand your destiny.

4) Ethics. With the psychic ability comes clear-sight, the ability to see, feel and hear things that are not apparent to everyone. A psychic, medium, channel or intuitive are usually empathic, with some exceptions. When you develop your gift enough to give a reading to another, be sure you are giving information for their highest good. For example, instead of relaying a picture of a car accident, tell them they need to drive safely and focus on what they are doing in their daily lives. When someone is receiving information from an intuitive, they are very vulnerable and will subconsciously take in what is said and begin creating it in their reality. If you focus on helpful information, they will be successful on their path. Be sure to give them plenty of time to talk. If someone is attracted to you for counsel, it is because they feel you are empathizing with them and will want to express their feelings more than anything else. Listen and be compassionate. Sometimes that is all that is needed.

What Are You “Circle Exercise”:

• Draw a large circle on a sheet of paper.
• Dim lights and light candles to give the room a subtle sensory deprivation.
• Sit comfortably at a table or on the floor with the paper in front of you.
• Let your body relax completely, closing your eyes and taking deep breaths until your body sinks limply into relaxation.
• Now open your eyes only a little, enough to see the paper and gaze into the circle.
• Meditate now on the space in the circle for as long as you are able to each session.
• If your mind wanders, simply bring your attention back to the circle.
• Ask in your mind’s eye, what is in the circle? What do I need to see in the circle? You may ask your angels to be present to assist and support you in your meditation.
• When you feel you are finished, take deep breaths and wiggle your fingers and toes, bringing your awareness back to the room and to your body.

When you are fully back, write down your experience and thoughts on the back of the symbol of meditation. You may write or draw what you saw inside the circle as well, if anything.

Remember, each time you meditate, you bring your awareness into yourself, using meditation symbols or mantras as tools to help you get there. When you pull your energy inward, you allow all of your strength and will to define itself in a perfect and powerful version of yourself. This is what will create a successful and productive you for the world to experience. Allow different symbols for meditation to inspire you a few times a week.

A Few Definitions of Psychic Ability:

Clairaudience: A form of channeling. Usually clairaudience is defined as the perception of messages in thought forms from an entity that exists in another realm. The person receiving these messages “hears” the messages in their mind. Though words can be heard the same way you hear a phrase or song running through your head, the thought itself may be all that is transmitted. Be sure you share the messages obtained through clairaudience only with people who understand it. Clairaudience is often confused with schizophrenia.

Clairsentience: Also known as Psychometry. The ability to touch or hold an object, stand in a specific place, and/or touch the body of a person and sense the energy of that person, place or thing. Energies can be light or heavy, joyful or foreboding, tough or gentle, peaceful or angry, and are judged by the emotional impact on the clairsentient. A clairsentient or clairsentient medium is an empathic person who is able to experience and translate all kinds of energies. When picking up on negative emotions, a clairsentient may feel sick, while a positive experience may feel like sheer joy, or feeling safe and secure. The messages are usually more complicated than that alone, and can be of great assistance when you are seeking to make significant decisions in life.

Clairvoyance: Literally meaning clear sight, Clairvoyance is the psychic ability or power to acquire information, or to see objects, animals or people, in spite of any distance involved. In the case of a person or animal, it is the ability to judge its present condition or emotional state. The clairvoyant can also pick up on past or future events. Clairvoyance is often used as a general term encompassing phenomena such as telepathy, second sight, prophetic visions, and dreams.


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