Lucid Dreaming

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dreamsHave you ever awoken to a dream so vivid you believed it actually happened? Or perhaps were tormented by reoccurring or disturbing dreams? Have you woken up in your room and felt the presence of something in the room, paralyzing you with fear, not able to move? These are common dreams and dream-state occurrences. Though your mind may try to forget or explain away what you experienced, the truth is, when your body is put to rest, your soul is free to travel. When the soul travels, time stands still in the physical world. You can travel for a decade and return an hour later into your body to get up and stumble to the restroom in the middle of the night.

When you choose to learn lucid dreaming, you open a whole new doorway for yourself. First, you will become more aware of your energy field, both in waking and sleep hours. You will begin to have more and more vivid dreams that come easily to you and remain vivid in the morning. You will also start to understand the truth about those hours when you aren’t conscious.

What to do:

  • ┬áKeep a journal designated for dreams next to your bed with a pen.
  • Relax when you lay down to sleep with deep breathing. Repeat in your mind, “I want to remember my dreams tonight.”
  • When you awake, write down everything you experienced. Be sure to include these questions:
    • Title of the dream: What would you call your dream if it was a movie or book?
    • Main characters: Name who was in the dream, or describe them.
    • Characteristics of your main characters. If you have a friend or family member in your dream, list three traits for each person (example: strong, outspoken, stubborn).
    • Write a brief summary of each dream. What was happening? Try to write something here, even if it seems unclear. Often times when you write you will find more and more to write about as the information that is there will bypass your brain without judgment and simply come through the writing.
    • Feelings: What did you feel during or after the dream? How did it affect you?
  • Repeat these steps each night for one week. You will see improvement in the details of your dreams, and may see how the dreams connect when you look back at what you’d written previously. If you are able, try this for a month or more for extensive results.

When you come upon situations that seem more real than others, ask yourself if you were looking out of your own eyes or from another angle watching it happen? If you are looking through your own eyes, you were actually there experiencing these things. Your brain may not have a frame of reference for these experiences, so it may draw from people you know, places you’ve been or seen in movies and replaced the actual scene with them. If you are in another dimension with other beings, your brain may want to protect you from these things, a survival skill of the human mind to stay in control of your reality. But once you see and experience these other realms more often and more vividly, you will build a frame of reference that will allow you to push through the judgments of your mind and allow you to see the truth of what is there. It takes time and practice.

Once you develop your ability to vividly dream, the lucid dream comes next, quite naturally. You are now not only aware of what is taking place in your slumber, and actually experiencing your astral travel, you are taking control of it through this knowledge. If you encounter someone or something that confronts you during one of your dream states, you will be able to react or interact with them. It may startle them or change the situation all together. This is a time for you to explore your ability and decide what you want to do with it. Practice will get you there. Before you begin dream work, you may want to write your goal for the work in the beginning of your journal. What do you hope to accomplish? What will you do with this new information or ability? And you may find this goal changes over time. Writing your thoughts and desires is an essential component to keep your subconscious and conscious working together.

If you have had experiences that are more physical, such as a being in the room when you are in a waking or in-between state, you may be having an encounter. See Close Encounters for more.

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  2. Sunny Says:

    I have just recently got my gift of seeing spirits, and since this all has started they are running the show. My question is HOW do I stop them & start running this? i dont get sleep at night & they follow me everywhere???

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