Divine Tether Meditation

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Divine Tether Meditation

  • Sit comfortably in a chair. Breath deeply, 5 count breath in through the nose, 10 count breath out through the mouth. Repeat 5 times.
  • Imagine a beam of light and color coming down from the Universe through your crown, through your body, down into the ground, planting firmly into the Earth. Let the light fill and illuminate your, bringing ancient wisdom and knowing into your soul.
  • Imagine through the light now comes a tether, connected to your Higher Self and connecting to your heart. Allow this tether to feed you knowledge and the answers you seek. Keep this tether, let the connection remain.
  • Now breath deeply again, feeling your body present in the room. Take a few moments to enjoy the peace between worlds and simmer in joy throughout the day!

Notice what’s different about your day or your week. Notice what changes within your relationships or if new relationships form in the coming weeks. You may have a career change or big move. If there are blocks stopping you from creating what you want, they will present themselves or simply move away and the flood gates will open for new opportunities to enter your life. Be sure to recognize and appreciate these changes and gifts. When you honor them and the angels and spirit guides who participated in your transformation will encourage them to bring even more for you to be thankful for!

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