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Staying Protected before, during, and after a Healing Session

(Aka: How to Maintain Clean Energy as a Healer and Client)

By Jan Tijmes (John Positive Co.)

When providing sessions for somebody as a service or when you are about to go have a session, there are some things that can be done to ensure a clean session with a minimum of negative energy absorption.

It can be very common for healers to absorb negative chunks of energy from their clients. During a session, negative blocked energy frees itself from the client (or the healer) and must go ‘somewhere’. But where?

When I’ve given sessions to people in the past (whether ‘clean’ people or those who have let their lives slide for sometime) I have managed to absorb quite a bit of their energy during and after sessions. Sometimes I would wonder why I would crash for hours after providing a session. This list is made up of tips and tricks that master healers and psychics have shared with me through the years to minimize this challenge. These tips have served to eliminate this ‘crashing’ period after a session.

Some of us are farther along in our natural mental capacity and strength to clear a space of energy with a simple intention. Others of us need to spend a little more time up front doing this work, so we don’t crash after a session. Our goal should be to stay clean-and-clear for the next client. In time, as we master some technique and integrate it into our being, our need to do these practices will minimize greatly.

There are thousands of techniques one can use to cleanse oneself before and after a session. To minimize the negative effects of releasing energy on either participant, below are just a few tips to help you along in your spiritual healing and visitation of spiritual healers and psychics. Enjoy!

Cutting the Chords

When two or more people come together with the intention of healing, the people involved will kick up a lot of energy. When the healer tunes in to a client to understand or release the challenge, the two people can intermingle their energies. “Chords” of energy are naturally formed during the session that intensify the experience. After the session, both of you will remain connected, draining one another of vital energy. At this point it is extremely important to cut the chords that connect you to one another. Some call it ‘pulling away’, and these are variations of the same thing. Once the client leaves, spend a few minutes to make cutting motions with your hands all over your body from the top of the head to the tips of the toes. Cut everything and state, “I release my client and I cut all chords of attachment from us. We are free. The session is over. We now both continue with our lives separately.” This is one of the most important activities to be completed after each session. Otherwise, each moment the client continues thinking about you, they will draw energy from you.


We are all connected life after life with the people in our current lives. Oftentimes, our relationships can be tangled up with lots of karmic issues surrounding why we act the way we do with certain types of people. Spend some time before each session (some say this process should begin up to 4 days before a session) disentangling, releasing, and neutralizing your relationship with the other person. We have no idea why the session is ultimately taking place. There can be strange motivations hidden within a session. So disentangle yourself from these. Affirm it, forgive yourself and forgive them for anything that’s been previously spoken, done, or thought about in the past.

Psychic Plugs

As we progress on the healing path, we can begin to see things on our bodies and in the bodies of others. Energetically, we can see blockages, stagnant energy, disease, alien parasites, and in this case, psychic plugs. These can form naturally by all the impurities of one’s mind having impure thoughts and delusions about the other person in the session. We may want something from the other person. We may look up to the other person. We may be wishing to throw our challenges onto the other person. Sit still for a few minutes and scan your body for psychic wires, plugs, and suction cups. Think of someone you know and notice if you’ve plugged into them psychic plugs that drain them of their energy, or if they are plugged into you, draining you of your energy. Take a moment to forgive and release these plugs peacefully. They were born out of ignorance. The more we cleanse our minds with deep spiritual practice, the less these affect us. Soul Recovery sessions are good at releasing these.

Wear Neutral or Darker Colors

White clothing attracts the eyes and therefore attracts energy. You’ve heard the term “Energy flows where attention goes.” Sometimes it’s a good idea to wear white, such as during a chakra balancing session. Yet for the healer, darker colors will help him or her not to attract and absorb so much of it. The client will not focus their attention so sharply on a person wearing darker neutral colors.

Guarding your Energy with Eyes and Arms

I have seen many open-hearted and gregarious healers become quite detached and distant during healings. When I have asked them why, they have each said they are guarding their energy. When we place ourselves in the healing role, we have to become aware of and release the negativity from the client; yet to also not absorb it. Minimizing eye contact, especially with clients who ignorantly suck energy out of people using their eyes, is one positive technique for this. Another is to cross one’s arms at times during the healing or psychic session. This tells the energy that we are ‘closed’ to receiving any energy from our surroundings.  I have been to some psychic healers who also cross their legs and even turn their bodies away from their clients. One time when I didn’t know about these rules while sitting with a large woman who had let her life go for some time. I absorbed a massive amount of her energy into my left abdomen, and it sat there in pain for over a week. These techniques are highly experiential, and you will have to be the judge as to whether this works for your energy or not. If my goal is longevity, then my goal must incorporate a system of effective self-cleansing. What’s the point of releasing someone of their cancer only to have you absorb its vibration into your body? The higher option would be for both people in the session to be released of cancer.

Loud Singing and Vocal Chakra Balancing

Singing and vocal toning is a method of vibrational release and rebalance. Singing high and low notes for a few minutes after a session, especially at high volume, can serve to push away and clear any negative energy that has attempted to imbalance our chakras. Done properly, you will notice your voice drop along with a gain in confidence.

Physical Activity

Physical activity is one of the greatest forms of release, especially when coupled with the technique of “Don’t Think”. All we have is our energy minds and our physical bodies. Using the body for movement energetically rebalanced the body and mind. It naturally pushes away all vibrations that don’t belong. Ever talk to someone who just finished playing a sport like baseball, basketball, or football? We approach them with judgments and questions about how they played, but their energy is so dynamic, that it doesn’t let any of these judgments stick to them. They just keeping sharing their experience from a neutral position. So go do sprint-running. Go bicycle really fast and hard. Keep the body running like a properly maintained car, so it can get your everywhere you need to be.

Deep, Prolonged Meditation

Meditating a cleansing meditation, such as Vipassana, where a person combs piece-by-piece and part-by-part throughout the body, can burn off any and all negative energy and chords that have formed during a session. Personally, if I meditate Vipassana for an hour or more after a session, I feel fully restored. The more advanced form of Vipassana can be learned at any worldwide Vipassana Center (, or I can be made available to teach the course to a group of individuals throughout the USA. In order for the mind to properly integrate this technique into its psyche, the minimum time it takes to learn this form of meditation is 10 days. However, shorter effective versions do exist, and can be taught in one session.

Figure 8’s

Figure 8’s are a natural symbol of life. They are ingrained in our DNA structure. They are infinity; the end and the beginning. Spend some time drawing figure 8’s with your hands on various portions of your body- small 8’s or huge 8’s- as you inscribe their healing power into your body energy. You’ll notice a balancing effect as you couple this with positive feelings towards your body.

Large Bowl of Saltwater

Salt is a natural cleanser, attracting and absorbing negative energy. Place a large bowl of water with a handful of salt in the room where you will have a session, and this will aid in absorbing the negative energy from the session. Likewise, you can program the water to absorb this energy by making a prayer request over it. You may wish to soak in a hot water bath after a session (this is great for the client, too). You can pick up 50 lbs bag of salt for water softener machines for about 5 bucks at Home Depot. The most powerful method of doing this of course is to visit the ocean. It is balanced, and it is so large that within an hour, it can suck everything negative out of you and rebalance you and your tools. Healers who see many clients are well-advised to visit the ocean often, sometimes a few times a month.

Open a Window or Door

Fresh air is huge when it comes to purifying our space and purifying our inner bodies. Closed spaces hold tremendous amounts of energy in them that come from each activity taking place in that space. Opening a window or door to the outside will help to release the thickness of energy from this space, so it becomes lighter and fresher. The negative energy from any activity beforehand will be blown away within 15 minutes. Sometimes it’s good to build up energy, like in a small meditation room. But for clients, it is best to have a light and fresh space each time.

No Hugging or Touching Afterwards

As a healer, you will have to use your own discretion on this. In most cases, when an energy session has taken place, and lots of energy has been shaken up, it is not a good idea to touch the client or have the client touch you after the session. This doesn’t happen to everybody, yet it has been one of my greatest challenges, as I am such an affectionate person. Touching, shaking hands, or hugging is a method of energy mixing that typically casts energy from one person onto another. Without awareness of one’s energy, this spells trouble for the healer. Respect the space of the other person after such a profound experience, and allow for the two of you to part ways peacefully, focused on your own energies. Share this importance with the client, so they walk away with wisdom, rather than regret for not having had a chance to hug you.

Washing Hands

The first thing one should do after a session is wash their hands. This immediately neutralizes attachment and energy from the hands to the client. Cold water works best. You can finish it off with rubbing some Himalayan saltrock on your hands to further neutralize them. Additionally, you can choose to dab some lavender essential oil on your palms and rub it in. Lavender has a violet crystalline structure to it that naturally vibrates with protection.

Clean Your Tools

Your tools are an extension of you. It’s extremely important to clean one’s tools after a session with a client. Whether it’s a pair of rocks, a wand, a crystal, tarot cards, a ring, a cup, a chair, a table, or a music player. Programs (mental impurities) from each client can dislodge from the client and make their way into the items they are near. Spend a few moments cleansing each item as you would yourself.  Some great ways to clean one’s tools (and to clean oneself!) are being in the sunlight for a few hours, burning sage, being in the full-moon’s light, being spritzed with healing energy water (or Holy Water), washing in the ocean or sitting near it for some time, soaking tools in saltwater or laying them on a plate of salt, being in nature, setting the intention for cleansing, claiming it with a ritual of your hand (like magic), and so many other techniques. Find which ones work for you and keep cleaning yourself and your tools to maintain their purity for your clients. When you’re a healer, You come first.

Burn it up in your Core

Burn the negative energy you may have attracted in your core. Simply visualize and intend it. It takes mental strength, so one may need time to gain confidence using some spiritual activity that helps burn off karma and mental impurities before you can master this. Bring the clump of negative energy into the belly of the body and allow for the power of the body to burn it up and out of you. You control this body and mind and you have the ability to make all the rules. So go gettem, Tiger!

Green Tourmaline

Place a piece of green tourmaline on your less-dominant middle or ring finger for protection and cleansing. It will serve as a shield. You can pick up a small piece of green tourmaline for $2 to $8 per gram at any rock and mineral show, then have someone make a simple ring for you.

Gold Cross

Gold carries with it a high vibration. A cross protects a person in 4 directions. So a gold cross in the center of the chest, worn around the neck, can serve to create a very powerful shield around the front of the body to block any and all negative vibrations from coming to it. Sometimes we will be drawn to these items for protection, and sometimes they will not be needed. With many of these techniques, faith helps to intensify the protection. That’s how lucky rabbit’s foot got lucky.

Red Candles

When releasing negative energy from a person using a technique like pranic healing or qigong healing, Red Candles can serve as a tool to burn off the negative energy from our hands and arms, so we can continue releasing negative energy from the client with clean hands.

Purple Clothing, Purple Hood, or Purple Amethyst Stone

Purple color is one of protection and spiritual healing. There is a reason Christian monks and Catholic Priests would wear purple robes with hoods when in confession (release) chambers. These served as protection for their entire bodies from negative energies and mental programs. Wearing purple or a purple amethyst pendant can serve to block any oncoming negative energy. Again, faith will help charge this. Mind matters most.

Sage it Away!

Sage has a natural aroma to it that repels negative energy. It’s been said that ghosts and lower entities cannot be around this smell. Saging a room and one’s body/ tools is a wonderful way to end a session with someone if lots of energy has been moved. This is a great technique to provide after a chakra balancing. Likewise, burn incense, like Dragon’s Blood.

Cleansing the Aura of Feet & Legs with Essential Oils

Place a few droplets of lavender, eucalyptus, sage, or tea tree oils into a cup of water. You can even put a little salt into it. Mix it up and pour some onto your hands. Rub your hands with this powerful tonic, and then wash your feet and lower legs with this mixture. You may first wash the feet and lower legs with soap and water. But cap it off with the essential oil mixture. There is a reason the disciples would cleanse Jesus’ feet with water. There is a reason people in India bless and touch the feet of their gurus. The feet and lower legs (below the knees) are where the body releases most its negative energy. It’s also where the body can attract lots of energy from everywhere we walk. Cleansing this portion of the body serves to revitalize these energy pathways, so we’re energetically moving again. Then the guru or healer can heal with more effectiveness.

I hope this article helps protect you from any future absorption of negative energy. Being a doctor, teacher, healer, or anyone who has to work with negative or sick people can benefit greatly from these techniques. We live in an energy world, and releasing negative energy while bringing in positive energy is the most important aspect of our lives.

If you have any additional hints that have worked for you, please pass them along to: The technique just may save someone’s life!

If you would like additional reading on this topic, please visit this article entitled, “How to Release the Negative Energy Cloud”. This article became part of a 2-hour experiential lecture in Houston to share some tricks in how to maintain our bodies and minds in positive states. See article at:

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