Root of Physical Ailments

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Your physical body is the ‘final frontier’. When you experience emotional pain, you have an immediate opportunity to process and deal with the issue. You may need to cry, or scream or express yourself in some way that releases the feelings. Feel them and release them. If they are not recognized right away, perhaps it […]

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Lucid Living: conscious manifesting

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Did you know you are an all powerful being? Yes, you are! You are a facet in the diamond of the Universe, a unique perspective of the whole that is God. You create your own world, and in this unique creation, you bring balance to the Universe. Your feelings, your thoughts, your perception manifests all […]

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Angels and Demons

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The concept of angels and demons has been around since the beginning of time, so it seems, from biblical reference to modern movies. But what are these beings and how do they come to exist in our lives? Angels are a race of their own, beings made of light and color, often taking on human […]

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Divine Tether Meditation

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Divine Tether Meditation Sit comfortably in a chair. Breath deeply, 5 count breath in through the nose, 10 count breath out through the mouth. Repeat 5 times. Imagine a beam of light and color coming down from the Universe through your crown, through your body, down into the ground, planting firmly into the Earth. Let […]

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Soul Emergence

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When you allow your mind to be still and your heart to open wide, your True Form or Soul will emerge, giving you an out-of-body experience.

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Guardian Angels

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You have an angelic entourage following, guiding and inspiring you on your life’s journey.

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Home World Meditation

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We are Starseed, from distant planets and races, spread across the Universe, learning and gathering information to further our spiritual development.

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Channeling Loved Ones

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Contacting our loved ones can not only give us closure and a peace of where they have gone on to, but can give us a gimpse at our own after life and hope that our soul eternally lives on.

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Connecting with the Divine Feminine

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Inside us all is the power of creation, the Divine Feminine energy which flows freely in and out of our soul body, allowing us to manifest our daily dreams.

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Divine Connection Meditation

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For those who feel a disrupt in their life, and have a feeling of being stuck without hope of creating prosperity, may benefit from the Conscious Connection Meditation.

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