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It’s important to realize when subconscious dreaming occurs (as opposed to experiences in the dream reality), you are seeing and interacting with all part of your Self.  It is for you to interpret your own dreams, but know they are aspects of your subconscious working out inner struggles. Fear, anxiety and pain often emerge in dreams since we seldom allow them to emerge in waking realty. People chasing us, fighting, scary images, all drawn from deep fears. These dreams can help us to work out the issues and heal over time, so they can be useful.

The other state of ‘experiences in the dream reality’ are when we remember what our astral, inter-dimensional travel experiences are while we are asleep. While our subconscious may send messages to our brain which we interpret as a dream, there is actual travel occurring during sleep state. Our bodies rest, and our emotions continue to writhe, but our soul does not linger. We travel. If the ‘dream’ you remember is experienced looking out of your own eyes, you are most likely experiencing something real. If you see yourself or feel close by watching like a movie, this is usually just a dream produced by the subconscious. When you looking out of your own eyes, you often have interactions with other beings you recognize, or in a form you can’t explain. Pay attention in the coming week. Also, when you write your dreams as you have been, they continue as vividly as you could want them to. Your brain understands you are asking for more. I encountered this in my dream work over the years. It is when I began asking for my alien/cosmic connection to emerge, I began experiencing and taking control of the activity such as abductions that so many face. Lucid dreaming is the first step to lucid living.

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