Lucid Living: conscious manifesting

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Did you know you are an all powerful being? Yes, you are! You are a facet in the diamond of the Universe, a unique perspective of the whole that is God. You create your own world, and in this unique creation, you bring balance to the Universe. Your feelings, your thoughts, your perception manifests all […]

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Close Encounters

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During or shortly after dreaming, you may be experiencing interactions with other entities on other dimensional planes, both those there with good and malice intent. This causes a paralyzing effect, as their energy is very different than yours and will create a rift in the electrical field between you. You might wake up and sense […]

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Lucid Dreaming

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Have you ever awoken to a dream so vivid you believed it actually happened? Or perhaps were tormented by reoccurring or disturbing dreams? Have you woken up in your room and felt the presence of something in the room, paralyzing you with fear, not able to move? These are common dreams and dream-state occurrences. Though […]

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It’s important to realize when subconscious dreaming occurs (as opposed to experiences in the dream reality), you are seeing and interacting with all part of your Self.  It is for you to interpret your own dreams, but know they are aspects of your subconscious working out inner struggles. Fear, anxiety and pain often emerge in […]

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