Tapping into the Etheric

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What is the Etheric Realm?

The Etheric Realm is the space between, the energy around and beyond us. It is multiple dimensions and layers of thought and consciousness. It is all that is not physical or third dimensional and can not normally be seen by the human eye. It can, however, be tapped into and seen with the third eye and with the heart and soul-body.

Why tap into it?

Experiencing the Etheric consciously will raise your vibration, awareness, consciousness and bring about major life changes, including moving down a more spiritual and joyful life path. When you begin to see beyond the reality you have created, you begin to create a new one. Your thoughts will begin to focus inward and there will be less distraction of the world and thoughts of others. Your dreams will emerge from the purity of your heart and slowly create a new, more peaceful world for all. You will become a leader, a teacher, a healer of the new age. Open your heart to all that awaits you beyond the now.

Etheric Travel Exercise

  • Relax in your chair and close your eyes. Breathe deeply until you feel your entire body loose and peaceful.
  • Feel a warm red light come up from the ground through your root chakra, turning orange as it reaches your second chakra, then yellow up through your third chakra above your naval. The light reaches up turning green as it moves through your heart, then sky blue through your throat chakra, purple into your third eye at your brow and finally bright white as it pushes through your crown chakra, moving out of your head and up into the space above you.
  • As the multi-colored light moves upward slowly, your consciousness follows within it, piercing the outer layer of the space around your energy body, pushing out into the room.
  • As you become aware of the space in the room, everything turns bright white, clearing the images of what was once there, creating a clear space all around you.
  • As you watch, the space around you begins to change. New objects and beings emerge. You feel they were there all along, but now emerging as you enter the new dimension.
  • Where are you? What do you see now around you? Who is there?
  • Explore the space around you. How far does this space reach? Where are the boundaries of this dimension? Can you reach them now?
  • When you feel the images begin to fade and your presence back in your body, begin to breathe deeply again, bringing your awareness back to the room and your third dimension. Wiggle your feet and fingers to help you ground yourself again.

Write down all that you experienced. What did you feel, see, hear or experience? Where did you go? Ask as you write – you may find more answers than you thought you had within you. For best results, practice this exercise every day for two weeks.

3 Responses to “Tapping into the Etheric”

  1. Heidi Says:

    I can see the not normally seen with my sense’s, I am very private with all of my examples, I apologize. Yet with this I have been told I talk in parables? What exactly does that mean? Thank you Heidi Divis

  2. Heidi Says:

    I can sense these not normally seen by the naked eye!
    Now I really can honestly say that I do know how to see with my whole self, these dark people that do not know what heaven is like and so they hang on to me for comfort? Your thoughts and etc.. are definitely welcome thank you. Heidi Divis

  3. Medium Ingrid Says:

    Hello Heidi, thank you for your comments. Feel free to call me at 281-644-9825 or email me directly at ingridxalice@gmail.com to talk more. I am happy to help! Ingrid K

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