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Today I was visiting with my eldest daughter for lunch at her school. Her friend also had his family there for lunch at the other end of the table. I felt an earnest nature among them but didn’t think much of it. Then my daughter informed me that her friend’s mother had passed away last week from a long fight with Cancer. My heart sunk. I could feel it right away, but I don’t allow these things to affect me, like when I was younger and didn’t know better. That empathic nature to connect with others and their pain. But now I felt it like a tsunami take me over. I wanted to cry. I could feel every inch of their pain. The parents who sat with their eyes to the floor, the older sister who tried to keep everyone’s spirits up, the father who couldn’t sit still and was trying to find ways to keep busy during the lunch. They all had a different way of dealing with their sorrow, but they all felt it equally.

I opened my third eye to see a magnificent bubble of light around them. Normally I would put one there to protect and serve, but I saw it had already been placed – by the mother. I now saw her clearly on the other side, holding that loving space for them. Though she was beaming with lightness and happiness for the freedom she now felt, I also felt the concern she had for the well being and grief process of her beloveds left behind. It is glorious to experience, as the other side usually is, but also I felt her longing to show them how happy she is now, that she will be okay.

I continued with my lunch and held the space for them, sending light and love and all good things. She will be visiting them in their dreams for the year to come, as those lovelies beyond tend to do, and I will wish them all the best. As any empath or psychic/medium may see, each has their own journey not to be protected from, but supported as they walk it.

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