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We all live, struggle, make choices and find new ways to solve problems, but we have done this for many, many lifetimes. You may be born with an unexplained terror of water because you died drowning in your former life. You may have been a very sad or angry child because in your last life you lived and died in the holocaust. Humans have a great many lessons, and often it can take many lifetimes and many ways situations to learn those lessons fully. Once we become aware of what has happened in our past and heal from it, it can change who we are, and that goes for past lives as well. The difference is, knowing what your issues are is already putting you on the road to heal, but not even being aware of an issue makes it impossible for you to do something about it.

Past Life Regression is a powerful technique to revisit past lives and situations which cause trauma to our soul body, carrying over to this time. Once we revisit and become aware of those things, we can release the issue instantly and effortlessly. If it is difficult to let go of immediately, at least you can face the problem and begin to work toward a resolution. You may find a past life is the cause of a rift in a current relationship. Going back to that initial cause can completely change the relationship you have now and heal both of you. It can also help to have better relationships in the future.

A regression is not hypnosis. It is simply a deep relaxation, similar to a guided meditation which allows you to tap into your energy body/subconscious. Your energy body stores all information from the beginning of your soul’s conception. You may tap into it simply by training yourself through meditation, relaxation and intent. The more you practice, the easier it will become to step into a regression. It can be difficult at first for some, especially because there can be a resistance to going back to a painful time. Not only do you not want to feel a hurtful experience, but you may also not be ready to heal. It may be a very complex and deep seeded issue that your ego/emotional body may reject or block. Everything has its own timing.

The most important thing to remember during a regression is to be open to what comes up, and allow everything to play out easily and smoothly so you can begin to heal. You may need to go through several regressions before you truly see your past lives and experience real and lasting change. If you let go of your need to control and let it happen naturally, you may find the experience profoundly fulfilling.

Deep breathing is a practical and helpful technique before, during and after a past life regression. Allow yourself to relax completely and let your breath transmute old energy out of your body, allowing new energy to flood in. Practice deep breathing for 10 minutes every day until you become natural at it. This can make a huge difference in your life as well. It is a helpful tool to create a better life.

Past life regression exercise

  • Sit or lie down in a comfortable position. Close your eyes and begin your deep breathing, relaxing your body completely.
  • Imagine yourself standing at the top of a long staircase descending downward into the ground before you.
  • Begin a count from 10 down to 1 slowly, taking a step downward for each count until you have reached the bottom at the final count of 1. With each count and step down, feel your body relaxing deeper and deeper.
  • Once you reach the bottom on the count of 1, you see you are at the beginning of a long hallway with many doors. You begin walking down this hallway slowly.
  • As you walk you notice many doors along the way, different shapes, sizes and colors.
  • You are nearing the end of the hallway now and see a large ancient door at the very end waiting for you. Notice this door and how it looks, how it feels. You are now ready to step through the doorway.
  • As you step through the threshold, you find yourself in a different place, a different time. You look down at your feet and up and see what you are wearing, how you look. How do you feel? Are you male or female? Tall or short? Notice everything about yourself and where you are now.
  • Allow the knowledge to come back to you. What year is this? What place? What is your name? Receive these answers easily and clearly now.
  • You begin to walk around and explore the area. You meet familiar people who greet you lovingly. You see a place that seems to be your home and enter there. Who is around you now? Spend time in this space.
  • You move forward now to a different time in this particular lifetime. How old are you now? Where are you? Who are you with? How does it feel? Explore this place and time further.
  • Now you are at the end of that life, just before crossing over into the afterlife. Where are you? Who is with you? What ails you in your transition?
  • Peaceful and lovingly say goodbye and leave that world, forgiving all that needed to be forgiven, and allow for your own forgiveness.
  • You feel yourself step back through the threshold where you are standing in the hallway once again, closing the door behind you.
  • If you wish, you may explore what’s behind another door in the hall, or come back another time.
  • Now when you’re ready, you make your way back down the hallway, entering the stairway once again. As you take a step up, you start your count from 1 to 10, until you reach the top of the stairway on the count of 10.
  • You feel yourself back in your body, in your chair, wiggling your fingers and toes and breathing deeply. Open your eyes when you are ready to return to your current reality.

Write down any thoughts, feelings, visions you had. Who was in your regression that has a current role in your life now? What did you learn from this regression? Let these things simmer and try to write more again in a week once you have time to process this. It can be overwhelming at first, but it will eventually be a great help in release of any issues that are related to your current life.

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  1. Brack Says:

    I have been disconnected from my Clairvoyance for quite some time. Any suggestions ?

  2. Ingrid Karazincir Says:

    Everything on this website is here to support you in your re-connection to Source. Try a few of the exercises here to see how you might experience the divine within. Practice is the key! Namaste

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