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I am thrilled to announce the publishing of my new book The Psychic Way: A Psychic Development Workbook! It is now available on as a kindle eBook, or you can order a paperback copy! The Psychic Way is a practical tool to help you develop your natural psychic ability. Discover easy and effective exercises, meditations and insight into a variety of subjects such as angels, spirit guides, mediumship and much more. This book has been a labor of love, with information from years of classes on mediumship and related subjects. I find the best way to utilize this book is to find a group or partner to practice with. There really is no replacement for real in-person practice and feedback. But it can easily be done alone, too.

I am often asked in my classes, “How do I know if this stuff isn’t just all in my mind?” My answer is always: You don’t. Unless you get feedback from someone outside yourself. Practicing with a friend, or even better with strangers, you can get honest feedback on visions and experiences you have reading them that will help you to feel confident that what you see is real. And the more you practice, the better you will become, and the more easily available and vivid the visions and insight will become.

Having a goal in mind is essential. When you work with this type of workbook, you will want to set a goal of how much you want to read and practice each week, preferably over a 4-6 month period. Find a partner to do this process with, to have someone to be responsible to and relay your experiences to. Keep a journal specifically for this process to refer back to. You will see major growth and interesting insight when you look back at it. And often more information comes through after an exercise when you write it down.

I hope you enjoy this book and find it helpful in your spiritual expansion!

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