Guardian Angels

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You have an angelic entourage following, guiding and inspiring you on your life’s journey. Some have been with you for many lifetimes. The Guardian Angel is your most prominent angel or guiding light. They hold you in your time of need, assist you when your life is in danger and it is not your time to go, and come to your aid when you ask.

Knowing you can ask your Angel to be a bigger part of your life is the first step to making the connection. Too often it is that you don’t know you are able to do something, so it would then be impossible to accomplish it. Once you open your awareness to your vast resources, you will suddenly develop a profound empowerment that will continue to change your life and help you develop more dynamic relationships with those you love and especially – with yourself.

A Ritual Meditation: Connecting with your Guardian Angel

  • Sit quietly for meditation, breathing deeply and relaxing your body.
  • Light a yellow or golden candle and play gentle music (optional).
  • Clear your mind and feel your heart opening slowly, expanding in your chest.
  • Imagine sitting in a pillar of golden and silver light energy, warm against your skin, enveloping your whole being.
  • Ask in your mind’s eye for your Guardian Angel to be present now. Allow them to connect with you, receive their name and their loving presence into your heart.
  • Sit quietly and allow this process to happen naturally. The more you relax and open your heart, the smoother the process will be. Accept your Angel’s presence as a gift to you from above. It is sacred and perfect and just for you.
  • Place your hands palms down on your legs and ask your Angel to bring healing energy into you, to create the change you need to succeed on your life’s path now. Accept this energy in and breathe in the love.
  • When you feel you have completed your experience, thank them for what they have given you today. Your appreciation will further strengthen your connection.
  • Breathe deeply and begin to bring your awareness back to your body. Wiggle your fingers and toes and when you’re ready, open your eyes. (You may blow out the candle and relight at the next meditation).

Homework: Paint, draw, or write what you saw. Create or buy a symbolic statue that can represent your angel, so you may better connect with them on a daily basis when not in meditation. Feel the blessings pour in every time you open up to them. Enjoy what you feel and accept the abundance they may bring in your life!

A Message from the Angels:

Let your day be guided. Do not read, nor listen, nor make decision, but do as you feel moved to do today. Speak only for the highest good of others. Hold your loved ones to you. Savor this moment. It is all there has to be.

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