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Do you sometimes feel homesick, but for a home you cannot remember? Or like you simply don’t fit in on the earth and in the human race? Do you long for something more or answers to questions that no one can seem to know? We are Starseed, from distant planets and races, spread across the Universe, learning and gathering information to further our spiritual development. In this meditation you may discover where you once set out from and why, and perhaps answer your biggest question: Who am I?


  • Allow yourself to relax completely. Close your eyes and let your body go limp.
  • Imagine your soul jet out of your body and fly as fast as possible upward, through the sky, through the atmosphere, through space until you reach a tunnel of color and light.
  • Propel yourself through this tunnel of spinning light and multiple colors, turning and shining around you. Faster and faster, you fly through with the sensation of complete freedom and comfort.
  • Soon you feel yourself slowing down as you near the end of the tunnel. You come to a complete stop at the edge of it, now looking down at your home world.
  • What does it look like? What colors and shapes do you see? How do you feel in this moment?
  • You push off from the tunnel and fly downward now, quickly passing through the aura of the planet and land safely there, transporting into the form native to the planet.
  • Look down at your feet now. What do you look like? What are you wearing? What is your name? Picture the first letter of your name floating in the air in front of you, large and clear. Now see the second letter floating in front of you, and the next letter, and the next until your name is clear to you.
  • How long have you been away from your home world? Why did you leave?
  • As you begin to explore your surroundings, you are greeted by familiar beings. They embrace you in their way and welcome you home. Spend time with them now. Ask them how you are connected and what they can tell you about who you are?
  • They now bring you to an important place on your planet, where you will remember more about who you are. As you enter, notice every detail around you. What do you see?
  • Here you will receive an important message that will help you on your current path. Receive this message now.
  • Take time now to say goodbye to the world and friends. They send you off with gifts and love.
  • Now you shoot up into the sky out of the body and back up to the tunnel. You fly through quickly and with ease, within the spinning colors and light. You feel the healing energy surrounding and filling you are you fly through, giving you a sense of peace and wisdom.
  • You fly out of the tunnel now and descend down through space, through the atmosphere and through the sky, down into the room and dripping your consciousness gently into your body.
  • Feel yourself aware in the room. Take long deep breaths and wiggle your toes. Feel your feet on the ground and back against the chair. And when you’re ready, you may open your eyes.
  • Write down or share your experiences right away, so details will be retained. Repeat meditation as needed until you fully discover your home world and glue the missing pieces together to become Whole again.

Blessings on your journey!

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