How Magic Works

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The idea and religion of magic has been around since the beginning of civilization, and an ongoing theme in books, movies, fairy tales and spirituality, but what is magic? “Magic or sorcery is an attempt to understand, experience and influence the world using rituals, symbols, actions, gestures and language” according to the dictionary. Magic is about creating, or manifesting one’s desire, whether it be love, money, things, or simply a way to change a situation. The idea of magic is actually about a person needing to find a way to change something he feels powerless against, needing a spell or ritual to assist in this change, much like manifestation.

The truth is, everyone is powerful, everyone manifests (or does magic) each and every day according to what your inner world creates. If you feel angry, situations will arise during the day that will reinforce your need to be angry, like an argument with a coworker, or a flat tire. If you are having a peaceful day, nothing out of the ordinary will happen. These are manifestations of what you feel, which can be changed if you realize your thoughts can change them.

Picture a dragon in your mind. See it breathing fire and knocking down buildings, angry and writhing. How does it feel? Now picture a rainbow with unicorns playing in a beautiful field of flowers. They sparkle and whinny, the air is sweet and warm. How do you feel now? Your thoughts affect your feelings, and your feelings attract or manifest situations around you. So, if you wish to do magic, simply decide what you want and visualize it in your mind, allow yourself to feel it fully. If this is what you desire, then step back and watch as it manifests in your day or your week. And the more you become aware of this ‘power’, the more quickly you will manifest. You are magical!

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