Empathic Boundaries

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Empaths are those sensitive souls who can feel the pain of others, their community and even the world. This deeper knowing is often overwhelming and can be taken into the core. As much as the empathic nature may seem like a curse, it is a gift. The true challenge of the Empath is to learn to identify and define boundaries. Just as you wouldn’t leave your front door wide open for a stranger to wander in, you should never leave your psychic doorway open for others to enter. Empaths are sensed strongly by others because they have an enormous energy field. They give off a feeling of compassion, understanding and the ability to heal others. So you will attract those in need of help, and often psychic vampires. Learning to say NO and to stand up for yourself and what truly belongs to you is an Empath’s greatest challenge in this life.

“Doorway” Exercise to try:

  • Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.
  • Imagine a bubble of light around your body now. Ask ‘only those for my highest good be here now.’
  • Now imagine a large doorway in your mind’s eye in front of you. Notice how big, how wide, any details you see. Make it come to life in your mind.
  • Now imagine opening and closing it at will. Practice opening it and stepping through it, or asking for someone specific to come through to you. Ask for Angels to be with you and guide you while you explore. This doorway is yours and you have the control of how it is used and when.
  • See your door being closed shut now. You may lock it or simply imagine it sealed with love until you need it again. This is the doorway to your bubble. Only those you choose will enter your sacred space.
  • Take a few deep breaths and bring your awareness back to your body now. Open your eyes and return. You may want to write down any thoughts or visions you had now.

This is a simple and effective way to set your intent on setting up boundaries. Be aware that once you start this path of defining boundaries, you will be tested by others more than usual. Be prepared for this, and see it as you manifesting opportunities to practice, that is all it is. You may fail at setting a boundary the first, second, or tenth time, but there will be plenty of chances. Keep at it, be more prepared on the next one to say NO, to say how you feel in a tactful and neutral manner. Remember, an emotional response is an invitation for the emotional bullying of another to continue. If you have no reaction, there will be no further contact. Continue to practice setting boundaries, and realize what and who those boundaries need to be set with. You will find your real power will be recollecting from all those who try to use it for themselves. And once your power is back within your being, your success will grow, on all levels. You deserve a beautiful, powerful and successful life – it belongs to you!


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