Lucid Living: conscious manifesting

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Did you know you are an all powerful being? Yes, you are! You are a facet in the diamond of the Universe, a unique perspective of the whole that is God. You create your own world, and in this unique creation, you bring balance to the Universe. Your feelings, your thoughts, your perception manifests all around you every day. Diving deep into your inner most desires and emotions can be the very key to lucid living.

Each time you see or experience something, you react to it, either in a positive, negative or neutral way. This then sends signals to your brain for judgment and further thought. What if you caught your reaction at the source as you are experiencing it, choosing at that moment to feel something very different than you are, not allowing judgment to rule your life? This is lucid living.

Homework: This week, try to be present in an experience you have. It could be a conversation with a family member, a project at work, a movie that brings up old memories. Stop and feel the moment. If you feel sad, choose to feel happy. Imagine something taking place that is positive in the conversation or experience. Stand back and watch how the situation actually changes as your perception does.

When you master lucid living, you will be the all powerful creator you wish to be, manifesting your heart’s desires instead of your fears. You will feel connected to the divine You, and share that light with others. Try it!

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