Indigo and Crystal Children

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There is so much excellent information out in the mainstream now about Indigo and Cystal children coming in over the last couple of decades, it shows what an enormous shift there has been in the metaphysical manifestation on earth. Though each generation coming in has unique gifts to offer humankind, it is the evolution of our spiritual mentality that is most effected with each new seed. Where religion has ruled for centuries, now it is time for the spiritual child, one who needs only her own connection with the Divine without the help of others or need for a temple. Our temples are now being built and worshipped from within. This increased understanding of our own power is changing our world and giving hope for a more spiritual and peaceful future of earth. Power no longer lies with men, or with self-elected individuals who call themselves the mouth of God, but with each and every person connecting with the Divine in their own profound way, with no need for power only love.

Though you may consider yourself an Indigo or Crystal child, you are truly a remarkable manifestation of Divine energy entering an exciting time for earth. There is a huge shift in consciousness as our technology is evolving at a faster rate, which in turn is uniting humanity. First there were letters carried from town to town for the deep human need to connect with one another, then the telephone, then e-mail, and now suddenly texting and other immediate connections happen. All of this is slowly dropping the veil between us as souls, allowing us to slowly become One once again. When we fully understand and embrace each other as family, there will no longer be war, hunger, pain, or a need to hurt one another. It will be only caring for and loving each other until everyone has their needs met on the planet. And then it will be time to rebuild a world-wide civilization that serves for higher purposes such as integrating nature with the spiritual, creating travel for easy commute through time and space, and much more. For now, the new generations are working on building a stronger connection and eliminating darkness/ignorance by better understanding each other.

If you are Indigo, Crystal, or identify with a newer version coming in, here are a few things you are here for and can do to fulfill your life purpose:

  • Understand your power. If you are here reading this now, that means you are taking the first step to understanding who you are and know there is a higher purpose to your life. There is! You are here to pioneer the spiritual evolution of earth simply by being who you are. No directions required. But you may be searching for a mentor or guide.
  • Be of service. Chances are you are already doing this, but you could also be a Crystal who is lost and trying to find your way. You may be getting into trouble or rebelling against your family and society. This is certainly a rite of passage, but completely unnecessary. Once you realize you are here to help others, your life will become balanced, and you will know true happiness. Find an organization or start one that helps people on a larger scale. Travel or teach overseas to get connected with other cultures and see how much you are needed. Or become a healer or counselor so you might help those around you in a real and profound way.
  • Teach. Yes, teach! You may not think of yourself as a teacher, but trust me, you are here to lead the way. You can teach in unconventional ways, such as leading meditation groups, forming a psychic practice circle, or by becoming a teacher in a traditional venue. Find ways of expressing all that you know to be true, even if its in a brand new way. You are here to reinvent this world!
  • Trust yourself. This can be the biggest challenge of all. You are not crazy, in fact, you may be one of the few that actually know the truth. But how you present it to others may be an essential component to your own success. First be sure to trust your intuition, to meditate and practice doing readings or healings, so you may clear out fear and ego, leaving room for a pure channeling experience to take place. Your body is a vessel that allow a river of energy to flow through on a daily basis, and the more you consciously channel and use this energy, the wider the river gets and the more clear your vision will be. Trust it!


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