Why It Hurts

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All physical ailments are a manifestation of emotional root causes. For example, when you have a headache, it is actually the symptom of invalidation of feelings. You may have had a reaction to a situation during the day, then quickly told yourself not to feel that way and to push it down. Your body found another way to deal with it by producing a headache. Once you realize what you were invalidating and tell yourself its okay to feel that way, to validate your true feelings, you will see the headache will go away. This is true for every level of pain or ailment, and since your body creates it, it can just as easily remove it.

Your body only hurts when it wants to tell you something. When you have an emotional reaction to a situation and don’t stay mindful of it, dealing with it in the moment, you push it into your energetic grid within and around your body. This grid begins to integrate the new energy wherever it can, assuming you will at some point deal with the situation. Imagine a hoarder, with a home filled with garbage and excessive clutter. This is what a body’s energy grid can look like for issues that have not been dealt with properly, and soon the body will manifest the condition into an illness. The body is the last resort of storing the unwanted and unattended energy.

The energy grid of the body is like a living blueprint that can also be accessed during healing or meditation. It can be cleared out and scanned for possible problems, so that the body may begin to heal itself. Simply having the support of a spiritual counselor, healer or medium can help to release ‘stuck’ issues. Often times just knowing what the issue is can make the difference. When a trauma happens at an early age, the heart may never have had the tools to deal with it properly, and thus storing it in the energy grid or body for many, many years, leaving little trace of it in the mind or memory. Bringing the issue to the surface and allowing it to be released will create a chain reaction of releasing all other issues and physical ailments relating to the root trauma or event.

Remember, all ailments are your own, from your human experiences. You have created them, lived them, reacted to them and continue to experience ripples of them. Mindfulness is about paying close attention to each event as it happens, feeling it, living it, then releasing it so nothing gets stored. This is why meditation is taught all over the world: to keep you healthy.

Try a few simple guided meditations in releasing unwanted energy imprints from the body found here on my website and get ready to set yourself free.

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