Close Encounters

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During or shortly after dreaming, you may be experiencing interactions with other entities on other dimensional planes, both those there with good and malice intent. This causes a paralyzing effect, as their energy is very different than yours and will create a rift in the electrical field between you. You might wake up and sense them, or even see shadows in the room. These can be frightening experiences, especially as a child. And as you grow up, your brain begins to block what you are experiencing.

These close encounters are easy to dismiss for some, others are haunted by them. The beings are often curious and simply want to be in the same area as you, but their presence can greatly effect your energy without them being aware of it. Or there may be abductions taking place by these 4th dimensional entities, where your permission was not granted for the experiences that take place.

But there is a way to change all of this. By first knowing you have free will and the power to choose what you experience and with whom, is the first step to taking back control. Second, once you try the vivid/lucid dreaming practice, you will begin to feel empowered. Simply coming face to face with a being that is not there for your best and highest good, you will naturally and directly express your power and they will be forced to move on. See Lucid Dreaming to learn how.

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