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To invoke, from invocarê in latin, is literally ‘to call – in’. By definition, ‘to call for with earnest desire; make supplication or pray for.’ It is an ancient form of connecting with another dimension. Invoking our angels to assist us in healing is a natural and loving process. It is about feeling the connection with the Source, oneness, pure joy. And the more we practice this art, the stronger the connection will be. Like anything else, it is an energetic muscle that must be exercised in order to reach its full strength. As much as we all hope to have a perfect body in one week on a treadmill, energy does not work that way. Our body, in physical form as well as energetic form, must believe this is truly something we desire to do. Consistency is the way to prove this. Practice your invocation every day, at least for five minutes, through meditation or through opportunities as they arise, such as a friend asking for help or healing.

Ways to invoke your angels in a pinch:

In Meditation
Sit quietly, relaxed, and breathing deeply. Say to yourself or out loud ‘invoke’ with the intent in your mind to receive the angelic presence into your body. Allow this to take place. Let your heart open and feel your love for them. They will return it.

In a social situation
If you are with a friend or colleague and you feel they need your help, offer this by going inward as they talk, saying invoke to yourself. Imagine angelic wings surrounding them. Feel their love come in and you may even place your hand on their arm or back if possible to connect the healing energy directly to them.

In your work
If you are having trouble getting through a project, simply call on your angels! Yes, they are there to help you with everything. Place your hands on what you are working on and say ‘invoke’, allowing their guidance to be part of what you are doing. Allow this to happen naturally.

Most importantly, remember to be open to how the angels come into your life. Their assistance is usually odd, as they do work in miracles. A helpful person may enter your life, or you may find your project ends quickly and a project you really love falls in your lap. Though we can easily forget to thank or recognize the help of our angels, giving them the credit they deserve will make it real and help you to keep the connection strong.

Blessings are afoot! (\o/)

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