Prep Meditation for Channeling

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You can channel your spirit guides, loved ones, angels and other friendly folk if you simply relax into meditation and prepare to receive them. In this short meditation prep for channeling, you will relax and open yourself to receive and begin to channel. Let go of all expectation, clear your mind and focus your intent on who you would like to channel now.

Ask someone to be present to support you if you wish. They may have a note pad ready to take note of what may come through you, and they may ask questions so you can relay the messages from what you hear, feel and see during your channeling session. Often times the first try is very successful. But please repeat this exercise often to strengthen your ability. You will find the divine connection will bring you much joy and answer pressing questions you have in your life.  Enjoy the process and be sure to write down, draw or tell your support person about your experience so you may retain the details.

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