Law of Attraction

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You may have read many books on LOA, and you may even understand it. But do you know that attraction is simply your own energy field creating every moment of every day before your very eyes? It is you, not the Universe that is bringing forth what you believe to be your reality.

For example, you may know someone who rubs you the wrong way. You may even say you hate them. But then you see them with loved ones, people who care for them and they all seem happy together. This means it is not that they are evil or terrible, but your reaction to them is terrible. You are recreating a relationship in your own energy field that has been created before, perhaps from childhood or even a past life. Take a look at the relationships that you struggle with and ask yourself what can you do to change your part?

It is too easy to blame others for the reaction you have. You may find yourself saying often, ‘if others did this and this, then I will be happy.’ or ‘If you stop behaving this way, I can love you.’ But the truth is, your reality has nothing – zero – to do with others. You create and ‘attract’ and react to everything within your own energy field. And if you believe you should be harmed, you will be, perhaps because you have little self-worth or are full of guilt. If you believe you should be loved and be take care of, you will be, because perhaps deep down you have always felt self-love and self-worth. It is you creating what you see, and as soon as you take responsibility for it, you can change it!

Remember to keep God in the equation! The Universal Consciousness/God is your divine source of infinite love and energy, on which you can draw from to recharge, to be nurtured, and if you allow it – be fully held and guided by. If you step aside from your busy bee ‘creating’ and ‘controlling’ and allow God to take the wheel, you will begin to float down the river instead of trying to swim against the current. You will feel loved fully and cared for. It is the next important step in your LOA journey!

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