Root of Physical Ailments

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Your physical body is the ‘final frontier’. When you experience emotional pain, you have an immediate opportunity to process and deal with the issue. You may need to cry, or scream or express yourself in some way that releases the feelings. Feel them and release them. If they are not recognized right away, perhaps it takes you longer to process and know what you’re feeling, you will have more opportunities to deal with the real issues. You may feel depressed or anxious, and at that time you will want to ask yourself ‘what am I feeling? why am I feeling this?’ and simply embrace those feelings, and let them fall away. If you continue to ignore the emotional pain and suppress it, it will move ultimately into the final frontier: the physical body. Your pain will scream out to you to see it by giving you problems you can’t ignore. You may develop physical pains, aches, sickness or even disease if it goes too long.

The trouble with physical pain (and this can relate to emotional pain as well) is that your first response may be to feel self pity instead of ask ‘why am I feeling this way?’ But no matter how bad the ailment is, there is still time for you to turn it all around. Acknowledge your pain. Embrace it, hold your feelings close to you like a baby who is crying. Nurture and love yourself. Free yourself of your pain by loving, and letting go of it. Everyone feels pain, everyone experiences hard times, but it is free will to deal with it in a healthy way.

Next time you experience something that gives you an overly emotional response, try to catch it. Think, that situation would make anyone upset. I think I’m upset. I am going to give myself some time to feel, love, and comfort Me. And release/let go of your pain once you have properly acknowledged it. There is no place for blame, no place for self pity for this world was created to give us experiences. All kinds. And we are all worthy of love.

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