Law of Attraction

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You may have read many books on LOA, and you may even understand it. But do you know that attraction is simply your own energy field creating every moment of every day before your very eyes? It is you, not the Universe that is bringing forth what you believe to be your reality. For example, […]

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Lucid Living: conscious manifesting

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Did you know you are an all powerful being? Yes, you are! You are a facet in the diamond of the Universe, a unique perspective of the whole that is God. You create your own world, and in this unique creation, you bring balance to the Universe. Your feelings, your thoughts, your perception manifests all […]

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Empathic Boundaries

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This is a simple and effective way to set your intent on setting up boundaries.

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Angels and Demons

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The concept of angels and demons has been around since the beginning of time, so it seems, from biblical reference to modern movies. But what are these beings and how do they come to exist in our lives? Angels are a race of their own, beings made of light and color, often taking on human […]

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Clairsentience (or psychometry) is the ability to hold an object or touch someone and sense the energy surrounding that person or thing. When you are near a person, you feel their energy. If someone stands too close, you feel uncomfortable because their energy is within your own. If you are not close enough, sometimes you […]

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Tapping into the Etheric

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What is the Etheric Realm? The Etheric Realm is the space between, the energy around and beyond us. It is multiple dimensions and layers of thought and consciousness. It is all that is not physical or third dimensional and can not normally be seen by the human eye. It can, however, be tapped into and […]

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Intuitive Tarot

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Channeling for Yourself It can be difficult to do a reading for yourself, just as it can be for a therapist attempting to counsel himself, but your spirit guides can help! Through meditation and simple techniques, you will be able to put things in perspective with ease. Your Guides are an essential part of your […]

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Channeling Loved Ones

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Contacting our loved ones can not only give us closure and a peace of where they have gone on to, but can give us a gimpse at our own after life and hope that our soul eternally lives on.

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Connecting with the Divine Feminine

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Inside us all is the power of creation, the Divine Feminine energy which flows freely in and out of our soul body, allowing us to manifest our daily dreams.

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Divine Connection Meditation

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For those who feel a disrupt in their life, and have a feeling of being stuck without hope of creating prosperity, may benefit from the Conscious Connection Meditation.

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