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Vampires have been eagerly written about, sought after mythical creatures throughout history. They have been portrayed as both beautiful and magical, as well as demonic and savage beasts. The truth is, vampires are real, but not in the way they have been portrayed. The idea of a vampire is a being who sucks your life force energy, draining you, turning you into one as well or leaving you for dead. This is something that exists within the human race.

You may have heard the term psychic vampire, but truly this is what vampires are. They are people who drain your energy. Typically they feel a sense of lack of love and pray on those who feel a deep sense of guilt. The “vampire” and the victim are two people in a relationship who feed off each other. The “victim” will feel she is not worthy of love, that everything she has should be given away or taken from her, while the “vampire” believes he should take and take, that he deserved everything from another. These two work in a symbiotic dysfunctional relationship until one is devoured of energy and the “vampire” must move on to a new “victim.” If they are both strong, the relationship can last a lifetime.

It’s easy to spot a vampire. Just tune in to how you feel around a person. Do they give off an air of entitlement? Do you feel you should give them what you have, such as money or your time? Do they seem to take and never give back? This situation can be changed if you are made aware of it. Victims will attract vampires, just as the vampire finds his victim. Here are a few tips to empower yourself against a Psychic Vampire:

  • First notice you are feeling drained around a person. They may demand a lot of attention and never seem to care how you feel.
  • When you are next in contact with them, be prepared for their selfish behavior, and be ready to say NO. Yes, that’s right. Say NO to whatever they ask you next, because they will ask for something. It could be they just start talking about the drama in their life. Just say NO, that you don’t have time to talk, or that you choose to look at the positive side of life. Let them know clearly that you will not be sucked into their drama.
  • They may choose to disappear out of your life when they see you won’t participate any longer in their energy sucking, or they may try again. Be prepared for this, and say NO again, so they understand. At this point they may demand something bigger because of your last NO, so stand your ground and gently set up your boundaries.
  • Your responses, since you have played into the victim role, may be to agree to whatever they ask. Try and try again to set up boundaries if you first fail. It may take practice and several vampire encounters before you step out of the victim role.
  • If you are a vampire, notice if you ask too much of others and don’t give back. You can step out of the vampire role by doing something selfless for others, taking responsibility for any wrongs you think others have done you. Choose to love and forgive, and not hurt anyone else. It is up to you to move forward.

Remember, you are choosing the roles you take in life. Though many situations may have occurred that made you feel a need to become a victim or a vampire, you have the CHOICE right now to be and act however you want. If you truly want happiness and love in your life, choose a path that will be healthy for you. You matter. You are important. You can make a difference. Namaste.

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  2. elizabeth nelson davia Says:

    Hi ingrid,
    This information was very helpful. I have a sister who is a psychic vampire and so was my exhusband. Even my son has a lot of issues that he dumps on me. I am working on not allowing these people to suck the energy out of me. It is hard to do, but I recognize how unhealthy it is to allow other people to use and abuse me. Thank you for this information.
    Sorry I missed the last two classes. The drive from Kingwood takes quite a while to get to centerpoint. I will try to come to the ladies empathy class.
    Thanks. Elizabeth

  3. KIrk is out Says:

    Avoid energy drain. +Protect the throath to root chackras. Which is the main energy system of the body that parasitic entities are after night and day. (Food enters and waste goes out) +Make pouches filled with Crystal salt or round flat orgonite. ORGONITE -craft made with resin, metal shavings and Crystal. ((Learn how to make.) +For throath chackra knot a long sock around the neck with the pouches inside. + On a t-shirt attach pouches running from the neck down, front and back. +on a underpant attach pouches on top of the genitals, perineum and the anus. Wear as needed. +The relief is felt at once. +Kirk is out

  4. Kirk is out Says:

    Clean your body of bad energies
    Put your barefeet on dry crystal salt – Suggested 40 minutes and up daily. This is also good as protection / relief during a psychic attack.
    Avoid psychic rape during sleep
    Attach round flat orgonite or pouches filled with crystal salt on the outside of an underpant on top of genitals, perineum and anus. Orgonite – craft made with resin, metal shavings and crystal – learn how to do.
    Kirk is out

  5. kirk is out Says:

    Avoid psychic attack to a vital organ.
    Fill and close a plastic or rubber bag with salty water and place it on top of where is hurting.(Your heart, head etc…)
    kirk is out

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