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Hello and welcome to Psychic Circle, a new show on psychic development on AgelessknowledgeTV! I’m Ingrid Karazincir. I am very excited about this show, mainly because it is a very new concept for a show and especially to be broadcasting such a topic into the mainstream is groundbreaking!

My intro: I would like to introduce myself. I call myself a psychic-medium, though I can go by several titles.

-I am Reiki Master, taught by a teacher who was a student of one of Usui’s own students. It changed my life! Healing is an amazing thing. It can bring such a fantastic element to Psychism.

-I am also a Channel and medium. Being a channel for me has to do with interacting with spirits, angels, those who are not of this physical world.  I hear, see, feel and sense them, usually not all at once. I relay messages and answer questions I hear or feel the answer to. I also allow them to speak through me, mainly my guardian angel Hope, who helps teach my classes. Her wisdom is heavenly. I am a medium in the respect that I interact intimately with those who have crossed over, spirits. They speak to me, show themselves in different ways. And at times will speak through me to others.

-I am a teacher. I have been asked by my guides to teach in this life. Of course I have had many opportunities to teach by being asked by others, so I am always waiting on where I am needed next. I found a great need for psychic development. More so, the need for finding the answers within. My classes are always riddled with guided meditations and exercises that have successfully helped thousands of students find answers, connects, profound changes they seek. It has been an experience of huge feedback both that I am on the right path and that those who need me will always appear.

-I am an author/writer. I published a book in Dec 2009: A Reason to Smile: Awakening to the Universal Consciousness. It is a workbook filled with my teachings, meditations and exercises for psychic development. They are all tried and true and I needed that book to be available for students. I have been writing since I was 4 actually. It started with fantasy, sword and dragon genre, novels with adventures and friendships and beating all odds. I wrote tons of poetry and I’m also an artist. I have always been passionate about channeling through writing. Its like I’m reading every time I write because I hear and picture it all as its being typed and can’t wait to see what’s happening next.

-I am also an average person. I have kids, a husband of 9 years, a house and playdates. The only difference is I can’t tell other moms what I do. In fact, I don’t tell anyone, unless a conversation heads in a direction where I feel it may not create tension. And this is one of my driving forces in working in this field and attempting to push it into the mainstream. To be accepted and understood in society.

I think everyone has a sixth sense. It is love. You can’t touch it, see it, measure it. It is felt or sensed. The sixth sense is our ability to feel or sense beyond the physical world. Once you reach out there, you will be amazed to find infinity. I have seen so many walk out into that field and get lost, filled with more and more questions and excited to learn something new every day, every minute in the outer limits. When you see a table, you know that will always be a table, it will always have four corners and legs (unless it gets broken of course). The physical world will always have those limits because it’s so easy for our logical mind to stop asking questions when it sees a table. But when we see something we don’t understand, feel something new, our world turns upside down.

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