Remote Viewing

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Remote viewing is the practical art of finding lost things. It is easily learned and mastered with practice. You may see or sense where the object is, feel it or hear it. Everyone has a different strength when it comes to psychic ability. Draw on your strength to better reach your goals. Try having someone hide an object for you to practice.

If you are visual, try this exercise:

  • Sit comfortably and relaxed in a room you suspect the object is in.
  • Clear your mind, imagining a blank page or just blackness.
  • Picture the object in your mind or wait for a light to appear somewhere on the blank page in your mind.
  • If you see a light on the bottom right corner, get up and move to that area of the room.
  • Try to picture if the object is in something, simply by asking it in your mind. Wait to see if anything specific appears.
  • You may need to dig or search further once you are in the right area. Try to clear your mind again and see if a more specific place pops up.
  • Trust your first instinct, don’t second guess yourself. Your mind may try to interfere, but your senses will steer you in the right direction.

If you are more empathic or use other senses more easily, simply feel your way to the right place without picturing it. Try different senses until something gets you positive results.

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