Close Encounters

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During or shortly after dreaming, you may be experiencing interactions with other entities on other dimensional planes, both those there with good and malice intent. This causes a paralyzing effect, as their energy is very different than yours and will create a rift in the electrical field between you. You might wake up and sense […]

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Angels and Demons

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The concept of angels and demons has been around since the beginning of time, so it seems, from biblical reference to modern movies. But what are these beings and how do they come to exist in our lives? Angels are a race of their own, beings made of light and color, often taking on human […]

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Psychic Protection

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Staying Protected before, during, and after a Healing Session (Aka: How to Maintain Clean Energy as a Healer and Client) By Jan Tijmes (John Positive Co.) When providing sessions for somebody as a service or when you are about to go have a session, there are some things that can be done to ensure a […]

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