What are Chakras?

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Chakras are the energy centers within your body, tied to the physical organs in those areas along with those levels of reality in your life. When you clear and fully understand these energy centers, you may better utilize your infinite ability to manifest and create your destiny here on earth. The body is a vessel simply existing because you have manipulated energy within you to create the perfect form for what you need to do in this life. You will find that when a problem arises in your life, healing that chakra center will quickly bring resolution and balance again.

There are seven specific chakras in the body:

1st Root Chakra: A red energy point at the base of the tailbone. This chakra is related to your physical reality, sexual awareness and how your passion is manifested in your life.

2nd Sacral/Naval Chakra: An orange energy point just below the naval related to your emotional body. This is the creative and expressive level of reality.

3rd Solar Plexus Chakra: A yellow energy point just above the naval relating to the major organs of the body. This is considered the “will” center, your self-control and discipline area of reality. It is the very center point where you make things happen.

4th Heart Chakra: A green energy point in the center of the chest, connected with the heart. It is related to your ability to give and receive love in your life, and the ability to create a sense of self-love and compassion. The heart chakra is of utmost important as love may manifest itself in your life as money, relationships and career.

5th Throat Chakra: A light blue energy point in the throat area. This chakra relates to communication, both with others and within. It is the point between the head and the heart and must remain open to truly express what you desire in your life. Once your truth is spoken clearly, you will begin to manifest it, and others will be able to support you.

6th Third Eye Chakra: A purple energy point in the center of the forehead, just between and above the eye brows. This chakra harbors the Third Eye or clairvoyant point in the human energy body, allowing you to see beyond the physical reality. This ‘doorway’ can be opened with psychic development exercises and practice. When opened and kept clear, this chakra may bring great personal and worldly insight to help create the life and divine connection you desire.

7th Crown Chakra: A violet or white energy point at the top of the head, relating to the Divine or Higher Self connection. This chakra, when kept clear, will help you keep a strong spiritual connection and understanding of Self in the whole of the Universe. You will feel a sense of purpose and understand what your work is here on earth. You will find your life flowing with ease and clarity.

When all chakras are in balance, your will feel the inner peace as well as see the results clearly manifest in your life. Watch for what may be different after a clearing, and be sure to clear again once a month to maintain a healthy energy body!


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