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Often times we would like to change our lives or be happier, but we are not necessarily willing to take any steps to make it so. Our desire does not create a drive to expand, but instead, makes us unhappier that we are not living up to our own ideal Self.

Once we accept that we are indeed perfect just as we are, we will melt the wall of expectation and allow our lives to flow freely, effortlessly and with room for a natural evolution. Growth is inevitable, but trying to create something by force or will is often the way to move backward or repel it. Be at peace today, and let your angels help you accept your Self in this moment in its simple perfection.

The “Perfect Self” Meditation

  • Sit comfortably in a chair or cushion. Close your eyes and relax your body slowly, focusing on each body part after the other until all tension is gone.long deep breaths and allow the energy to flow in and out effortlessly, paying attention to the sound, feeling and process of breathing. your hands together as if holding a make-believe ball in your grasp. Imagine that ball as light and divine energy, spinning within your hands.
  • As you breath and relax, focus on the ball of light and begin to imagine your perfect Self within it. How will you look? What will you be doing in career? Who are you with in love? Who is in your life to make it perfect? What hobbies do you entertain and what brings you joy?
  • Imagine your perfect Self doing something divinely relaxing, perhaps walking on the beach at sunset. Feel yourself in motion, holding someone or playing a game. Feel yourself in the moment.push your hands to your naval and allow the ball to enter your power center, the place of your will.
  • Imagine the energy and light expand within you, filling every cell of your body. Allow your perfect Self to be one with your true Self. several times, “I am whole. I am perfect.
  • Allow yourself to come back slowly, taking deep breaths and opening your eyes. Repeat this mantra daily before bed and when you awake.

This mantra and meditation help to align the energy of your desires with that of your soul purpose to create the manifestation of divinity, manifesting spirit on earth. This is our earthly goal and it must start with You!

TIP: Write down everything you imagined for your perfect Self and/or draw a picture of You just as you wish yourself to be. Write a poem about it or sing a song. Your creative connection allows you to merge with the energy you’re manifesting. Make it fun. Your enjoyment will attract more in for you to enjoy!

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