Angels and Demons

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The concept of angels and demons has been around since the beginning of time, so it seems, from biblical reference to modern movies. But what are these beings and how do they come to exist in our lives?

Angels are a race of their own, beings made of light and color, often taking on human form with a giant wing expanse, portraying what we see as superior forms of ourselves. They are beings who have consciousness outside of the third dimension, connecting with humans as part of a goal to assist and support the advancement of the earth’s evolution. They are observers, nurturing on-lookers who often come to our aide if it is needed or they are asked. There are a great many people throughout the world who have had encounters or experiences they could only explain as miracles and angels are given credit for these magical moments.

Demons, on the other hand, have been credited to great fear, pain and destruction. Demons have been seen or experienced in all forms, usually one that invokes fear or paralysis in the human race. They are, in truth, manifestations of our own fears. Each person may have none or several demons or dark elementals around them, sometimes tormenting them emotionally or even on a more physical plane. The fact is they are attached only to their maker, and can just as easily be dissolved by him or her.

We all have darkness within us. We all have light, too. It is the third dimension that embodies the balance, the duality. There will always be that balance. If we ascend into only light, we are no longer in this dimension. There is much to be learned here, and that is why we came to experience this reality to begin with. Remembering that, understanding duality within and around you, will free you of any and all fear. We all may have a demon and an angel, it is what we choose to do in our lives, how much we love ourselves and others, giving ourselves to the good of others, that will determine whether we bring light on our path or not. Darkness is simply the misunderstood, the unknown, fear. Light is the perpetual awakened soul, full of knowledge and connection to all things. They can exist together in a perfect balance.

Meditation, specifically guided meditation, can help you better understand your inner world. Make friends with your demons, just as loving your enemy will give you peace. What you resist will persist, so invite your demons to experience your compassion and share your light, for that is how love will grow. Open your arms to experience, in every form, without judgment of good and bad. Be yourself and embrace every aspect of it. You are a unique expression of the Universal Consciousness. You are perfect.

“Releasing the Demons” Exercise

Sit comfortably in a chair, palms facing up on your lap. Ask that only those for your highest good be present. Create a bubble of light around you, connecting a tether to your Higher Self like a silver cord going upward out of your crown chakra, the other end going down into the earth grounding you from your root chakra.

Ask that you demons now be released fully and beautifully. Imagine energy leaving your body that you no longer need, like dust and debris being removed.

Now place palms down on your lap and ask that the Universe give you new energy to fill in the gaps left behind. Ask for your Angels to assist in healing and empowering you to be perfect and whole. Take as long as you need. Repeat each day or each week as needed until you feel you have let all of your demons go.

Writing Exercise

Write a list of what your demons would have you experience/do/feel. Write a list of what your Angels would have you experience/do/feel. Start a conversation with both. Write what you choose to do in your perfect free will, how you will experience your life. Facing those beings that share your energy head on will empower you to co-create your life beautifully and perfectly. Love is indeed the answer.

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