Divine Connection Meditation

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The human existence can be a lonely one, if for no other reason that we as eternal souls are not accustomed to a disconnected state of being. Coming from a place where we are all one to a conscious feeling that we are separate gives way to a feeling of abandonment as early as birth. As a race, humans feel self-pity for their plight and for many it is hard to cope and move forward with living out a life the potential  of their earthly life when their sorrow creates a dark cloud around them. Those who have the hardest time are the empaths, the sensitive ones, who are between worlds from an early age and can easily remember even on a subconscious level the beautiful place they came from.

For those who feel this disrupt in their life, and have a feeling of being stuck without hope of creating prosperity, may benefit from the Conscious Connection Meditation.

  • Sit comfortably and close your eyes. Begin to take long deep breaths, in through the nose and out through the mouth.
  • Feel your body relax completely and deeply into the chair. Imagine a golden light beaming down over you from above, melting your tense muscles slowly downward, feeling heavy now in your chair.
  • Feel the golden light bring the Divine energy of the Universal Consciousness into your being, filling you with beauty, love, devotion, healing and joy. Breathe the divine in, breathe out the ideas of Self and old habits. Breathe in vitality, renewed energy and bliss.
  • Feel the golden light enveloping you now, kissing your skin lightly with a warm loving energy. Let it send tingles up and down your arms and legs, letting you know the Divine exists within and around you. Let it remind you who you are in this moment.
  • Now imagine a bright light before you, a large gateway of beautiful light. It dances and spins, welcoming you to walk toward it. Around the gateway are many light beings, some with familiar faces with loving smiles. The gateway calls you and friends beccon you.
  • You walk to the gateway now, the lighted archway bright and magnificant towering over you. You look in awe at its beautiful, feeling its very pure essence pulling you in. You feel behind the door a sense of oneness that you have longed to experience.
  • Now step through the gateway. As your foot moves through the light, and your face, then your body, you feel the light as a warm, thick liquid pulsing around you until you reach the other side in an instant. Your body feeling cleansed and purified beyond anything you’ve every felt.
  • Looking around now, you find yourself in Divinity, the Universal Consciousness, God, Goddess, inside LOVE. You feel it, sense it, know – this is where all things meet.
  • Look down at your feet, then up your legs, noticing how you look as a pure being. What shape, color, essence are you now? How do you feel in this moment?
  • As you look up again, you see a magestic being before you, tall and beautiful. The light they exude makes their form unclear, but you try to see it. You notice their eyes, strong and loving looking back at you. You feel you are in the presence of someone very special.
  • They reach out to you, taking your hand and leading you down a light path. All around is pure beauty, bliss, perfection, swallowed by light and color. The path leads to a large room.
  • You stand in the center of this room and realize you are the being who brought you here. You are the purity and the guiding presence. You are also the curious observer. You are the room and the path. Your awareness is in this moment, where you are everything and everything is you. You are LOVE.
  • Simmer here, in this place of peace, allow yourself to melt into its perfection and to become part of you. You have arrived, and you have also brought it back into your being forever.
  • Take deep breaths and become aware of your body in the chair in the room. Feel your body but with a lightness now, creating the room before you within your reality. When you’re ready, open your eyes.
  • Thread perfection into your life and allow your heart to continue to create it, every day.

Remember you are the One, the Way, the Seeker and the Master. Be a muse to yourself and allow all that you know within to be created into a perfect world around you. You are the Universe!

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