Connecting with the Divine Feminine

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Inside us all is the power of creation, the Divine Feminine energy which flows freely in and out of our soul body, allowing us to manifest our daily dreams. Often our dreams are nightmares and that may manifest as well. But you have the conscious choice to harness and focus your Divine energy to create beauty, love and prosperity in your life and help those around you also.

The Feminine is the creative, intuitive, creational. It is our awakening in every sense that we possess. It can be a sense that something significant is going to happen in our life. It can be the love we feel for our child. It is also the power that gives us freedom over our choices and the ability to overcome any hinderance with the will of our heart. Once we surrender to this symbiotic flow, it will become our greatest teacher as we create each and every day consciously.

Divine Feminine Meditation

  • Sit comfortably and close your eyes. Take long deep, fluid breaths. As you inhale deeply, imagine a red flowing energy enter your lungs and fill your body. Hold the breath as it enters each cell within you, creating a red soul body. Let out the energy with a long steady exhale, fully releasing the breath from your body and the red will flow out. Continue to breathe deeply.
  • Imagine a circle of light around you, encompassing your body with a beautiful glowing light. It feels cool and rejuvenating. It begins to spiral around you, over the top of your head and around your feet, with a large center pulsing all around you.
  • The feminine energy begins to push through the spiral, connecting to you with a single silver cord into your third chakra or solar plexus. You can feel the Divine energy running through you with a loving force. Surrender to this connection now, allowing your creative center to overflow with the energy it needs.
  • Feel your angels now, surrounding you with light, love and the wisdom of the Universal Consciousness, the Mother of all creation. They feed the energy into you through their hands. Allow this Divine love to flow into you and fill you, connecting you to all things.
  • Imagine now a mirror before you, large and clear. Look into this mirror and what do you see looking back? Look at the details. How does it make you feel? Who or what surrounds the image? What message do you receive now?
  • Begin to take long deep breaths again, breathing in a blue light now, filling you with each inhale, and clearing out with each exhale. Continue to breathe deeply as you bring your awareness back to the room.
  • Wiggle your feet and fingers and feel your back against your chair. And when you’re ready, come back and open your eyes.

Journal or draw your image of your Divine Feminine. How can she be improved on or is she perfect as she is? Where can she take you in the next part of your journey? Allow her to bring you blessings and fill your life with creativity. Dance your Divine today!

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