Experience a new collection of Guided Meditations from Ingrid Karazincir! These meditations are divinely channeled from Ingrid’s Angels, bringing light to a variety of topics. Go on an inward journey and discover answers to life-long questions, find peace and healing in the vibration of the angelic tone and be supported on your spiritual path.

When you listen to the CD every day for just one week, you will discover:

  • A heightened state of awareness
  • A deeper sense of peace and joy within
  • More patience and love for others
  • Stronger relationships
  • A clearer sense of soul life purpose
  • Healing of issues and unhealthy habits naturally
  • A positive attitude and sustained daily happiness

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01 – Introduction

02 – Divine Feminine

03 – Divine Connection

04 – Channeling Loved Ones

05 – Ascension Grid

06 – Homeworld

07 – Angelic Self Healing

08 – Forest Meditation

(Approx 60 minutes)


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